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Direct-Drive and 5-Axis Tilt/Rotary Tables

Direct-Drive and 5-Axis Tilt/Rotary Tables

Direct drive and 5 axis
DNC-400 direct-drive rotary table is for high-speed, high-accuracy contouring.

The new GSI DNC-400 direct-drive rotary indexing table from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, ( is designed for high-speed, highaccuracy contouring operations in highvolume and aerospace manufacturing.

The company said its direct drive table offers higher accuracy, faster rotational speeds, and higher torque compared with tables that use servomotors and worm gears.In addition, the direct-drive motor eliminates backlash and delivers high servo stiffness. Because there’s no mechanical gearing, the DNC-400 has fewer parts to wear.

The table delivers 200-rpm rotational speeds, 0.0004-in. spindle runout, and 515-psi hydraulic pressure. Maximum torque is 590 lb-ft, and brake torque is 1,844 lb-ft. High clamping torque ensures smooth machining without deflection under heavy loads.

The DNC-400 has a 15.75-in. table diameter and a maximum horizontal loading capacity of 1,100 lb and a 661 lb vertical loading capacity. The table weighs 661 lb.

Also new from CNC Indexing & Feeding is the GSI CNCT-321 tilt/rotary table for shops that want to add 4th and 5th axis productivity at minimal cost. The CNCT-321 allows manufacturers to machine up to five sides of a part while minimizing second and third operations and setups. This solid table also provides high clamping torque and indexing accuracy.

The unit has a 12.6-in. table diameter and a maximum horizontal loading capacity of 440 lb and 220 lb maximum vertical loading capacity.

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