Cutting Tools for Wind Turbines

Cutting Tools for Wind Turbines

Cutting Tools

Emuge Corp. has introduced its Wind Power program offering an extensive line of tools for machining wind turbine parts. For the production of internal and external threads, Emuge’s new program provides taps up to 114 mm (4.5 in.), roll form taps up to 51 mm (2 in.) and thread mills to 102 mm (4 in.). These tools are designed for all thread sizes – with a focus on large and deep threading – and every material used in the manufacture of wind turbines. Also included in the new line are tap and workpiece holders, available from stock or custom engineered for wind turbine applications. Gaging tools are also available for quick and reliable process control.

The new Wind Power program also offers a wide range of both solid carbide and high-speed steel milling cutters, milling tools with indexable inserts and other milling accessories. The program includes end mills, slot drills, die-sinking cutters, shell end mills and gear cutters, in addition to the most complex profile milling tools.

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