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Mapal Radial ISO indexable  inserts Mapal
MAPAL is due to introduce a series of pressed, radial ISO indexable inserts, to complete its portfolio of standard milling tools. The new face, shoulder, slot, and shell-end face milling cutters are designed for roughing and medium machining of cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. They have optimally designed tool bodies with the number of teeth suited to a particular application. Positive and negative indexable inserts made of four different PVD cutting materials, based on newly developed carbide substrates and coatings, are available for the milling cutters.

Cutting Tool Consumption Up 10.8% Year-to-Date

Machine shops and other manufacturers consumed $212.83 million in June, $1.213 billion YTD

U.S. machine shops and other domestic manufacturers consumed $212.83 million worth of cutting tools during June, slightly (-1.1%) less than during May but 14.1% more than during June 2017. Because cutting tools are a basic consumable product for the manufacturing process, the consumption data is further evidence of the ongoing strength of the manufacturing sector.

Through six months of 2018, U.S. manufacturers cutting-tool consumption has risen 10.8% versus January-June 2017, totaling $1.213 billion.

The data is drawn from the latest Cutting Tool Market Report issued by AMT – the Association for Manufacturing Technology and the U.S. Cutting Tool Institute. The CTMR documents actual sales totals for cutting tools by participating manufacturers, who represent the majority of the U.S. market for those products.

AMT / USCTICTMR June 2018 chart

The chart shows the most recent 12-month moving average for cutting-tool consumption in comparison to the similar track for durable goods shipments.

“June sales totals build the year-over-year and the year-to-date volume increases to over 10% and 14%, respectively, with no signs of softening. Tariffs and raw-material challenges continue to be the headlines but not enough to stop the growth. It appears the momentum could last well into the fourth quarter,” stated USCTI president Philip Kurtz.

Data on cutting tools consumption is an indicator of current manufacturing activity, in contrast to AMT’s monthly U.S. Machine Tool Orders report, which functions as a leading indicator of manufacturing activity.

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