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Cutting Oils for Swiss-type Machining

Cutting Oils for Swiss-type Machining

Cutting Oils

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc. has developed Swiss Silver cutting oils, designed for high lubricity, fast heat dissipation, good part finish and long tool life in Swiss-type machining applications. Several types of the fluid are available to suit soft- and hard- metal applications. The formulation of Swiss Silver eliminates wax-like buildup on a machine’s slide surfaces, which can catch chips that create abrasion, loss of accuracy and high machine maintenance costs. All formulations are clear, allowing greater operator visibility while lower viscosity results in less fluid use, less fluid carryout on parts, and less chance of tolerance change as machine oil temperature increases. In addition, the cutting oil features highpressure delivery capability for low mist, low foam and low air entrapment, ensuring the oil remains inside the machine and does not go into the air in the shop.

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