Custom tools from standard components

Custom tools from standard components

In the Kaiser KAB modular system, an extension adapter, along with a rough and finish boring head,
In the Kaiser KAB modular system, an extension adapter, along with a rough and finish boring head, can create four tools from the platform of a single toolholder.

It is no secret that making parts faster brings down costs.

Cycle time reduction is a common theme, and a common focus is getting tools to run faster. However, optimizing tools to the applications that they are used for is not always realized.

For example, boring is commonly considered a time-consuming application.

When choosing boring bars to make a part, shops often focus on the overall length from the spindle required to reach the bottom of the bore and overlook the actual boring depth. Tools are chosen that meet the gage length requirement, but may not be the most rigid when considering that sometimes tool reach is needed to get around clamps and fixtures, and the boring bar diameter could be much larger toward the spindle.

“With modular tooling, such as the Kaiser KAB system, custom assemblies can be built from standard components to provide the best rigidity and performance for a given application,” said Matt Tegelman, a senior engineer with BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. “Modular adapters allow flexible boring depths without adding excessive tool length. This means more rigid and repeatable tools that can be run at higher speeds and feeds.”

Special boring tools can combine several inline features into one tool. A single tool can rough, finish and chamfer single or multiple bores in a single pass. According to Tegelman, not only is the cycle time for cutting decreased, but tool change time also is reduced by the number of tools eliminated while magazine space is made available for other tooling.

Big Kaiser offers several standard cartridge types that easily fit into special tool bodies. Cartridges for rough boring and chamfering that feature axial and radial adjustment and sleeved finish cartridges with the same fine adjustment accuracy as standard finishing heads are offered for use in special tool applications.

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