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Coolant-Thru Turning and Threading System

Coolant-Thru Turning and Threading System

Workpieces can be turned at higher speeds and feeds with the Jet-Stream toolholder air or liquid coolant-thru turning and threading system from Dorian Tool International (

The system is designed for use in all general turning applications from heavy roughing to high-speed finishing to threading. The Jet-Stream is designed to replace any standard negative turning holder and any standard threading holder. The system’s Dor-Lock clamping system provides holding security and precisely controls the velocity of the air or liquid coolant flow in one system.

By cutting at higher speeds, the increased air or liquid coolant velocity keeps the chips from adhering to the cutting edge and reduces the temperature with the increased lubricity. This improves the quality and productivity, while reducing the cost of machining by extending the life of the insert.

“Combined, one action provides two results — locking and cooling,” Enrico Giannetti, Dorian Tool president, said.

“The Dor-Lock clamping system provides for high rigidity, accurate indexing and repeatability of the insert. It is easily accessible and simple to replace. The clamping system provides control of the coolant to precisely hit the insert, while assuring directional control of the air or liquid coolant to maximize productivity.

“With one simple action of rotating the screw clockwise, the Dor-Lock clamping system pushes the clamp over the insert, generating both a vertical locking force over the insert and a horizontal locking force of the insert against the wall of the holder. As a result, these features have a tremendous impact on chip control and longer tool life.”

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