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Compact Wedge Clamps

Compact Wedge Clamps

Compact Wedge Clamps

Fixtureworks’ OK-Vise wedge clamp offerings work with all levels of soft and hard materials, including mild steels and tough alloys, with brass and aluminum, and plastic/composite materials. The clamps are constructed to expand jaws evenly and simultaneously in lateral and vertical planes and to apply balanced holding pressure in both directions, thus preventing movement, vibration and chatter under the toughest working loads.

The low profile of these wedge clamps means that for most fixturing applications, the clamps sit below the top surface of workpieces, allowing for complete machining of the top in single setups. Their small footprint on the fixture base allows for more parts (and clamps) to be mounted to bases for greater productivity. Each clamp is tightened to the base and jaws are thrust against the workpiece side with the fastening of one bolt that, as tightened, forces the ‘wedge’ element downward which in turn expands the jaws outward against the part.

To release clamp pressure, untightening of the same bolt (typically, a socket head cap screw with hex Allen wrench) allows the wedge and jaws to return to original unlocked positions. This return action is aided by the inclusion of dual springs that draw the jaws back from the clamping point. The one-fastener actuation and release makes for ergonomic, fast operation of these clamps in high volume, repetitive holding tasks.

The selection of OKVise wedge clamps includes six different styles including; single wedge units with serrated jaws; with smooth jaws for non-marring retention of soft materials; with machinable jaws to tailor holding points to part shapes; as well as self-adjusting jaws having swivel pads with 9° of movement to compensate for part contours. Also, a single wedge-type clamp with drilled and tapped jaw face is available that allows fast attachment and alteration of custom jaw surfaces.

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