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Collet Chucks

Collet Chucks

Collet Chucks

OD Sure-Grip Dead- Length Collet Chucks from Hardinge Workholding Division ( feature a parallel gripping, four-split collet head for maximum gripping and instant centering.

Collet heads are quick change and have a 1-mm gripping range to accommodate bar stock or piece part variation.

The design provides part-length control for consistency from partto- part and includes a non-stick feature for instant, repetitive collet opening. The collet chucks work well in twin-spindle applications, eliminating drive fault situations that could be caused by collet pullback.

These collet chucks are available in 42 mm, 65 mm and 90 mm.

Hardinge said shops can increase machining capabilities by substituting a collet chuck for a jaw chuck for part diameters up to 4 in., depending on the spindle size. The benefits include:

  • Light weight, no hoist required to mount on spindle.
  • Fast job set up time.
  • Fast acceleration and deceleration times due to light weight and small diameter.
  • High spindle speeds for reduced cycle times.
  • Optimum highprecision gripping.
  • Capable of using master collets and pads.
  • High part concentricity.
  • Eliminate time spent on boring jaws.
  • And no hazard of jaws flying off.

HCAC Collet Adaptation Chucks from Hardinge adapt any spindle to accept C-series collets, 3J collets, B42/ B65 collets, #22/ #11 B&S collets, style-S master collets and dead-length collets.

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