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Calculation System for Critical Thread Elements

The Johnson Gage Co. ( will demonstrate its new ThreadSpecs 2.0 fully integrated thread engineering software program that is designed to simplify the calcuation of critical thread elements and characteristics for UN, UNJ. Buttress, Acme, metric, metric J and Whitworth thread forms.

Developed for engineering, manufacturing and quality control functions, ThreadSpecs 2.0 allows users to enter thread size data for real time determination of dimensions required for the manufacture or inspection of standard or special external and internal threads, regardless of diameter or pitch. The user-friendly and Windows supported program also includes both plating and coating calculations and their effect on thread dimensional criteria.

ThreadSpecs 2.0 benefits include capability to provide immediate recalculation upon input change without requiring program reinitialization; calculation of max/min and tolerances for major diameter, minor diameter, pitch diameter, and root radius when applicable for UN, UNJ, M, and MJ threads. The program simultaneously provides internal and external product data, thereby eliminating time consuming and error prone manual thread dimension calculating. Also, the software automatically calculates the effects of plating and coatings on thread dimension data that is displayed in inch or metric formats. In addition, external and internal data are always displayed on the same screen page.

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