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Boring tool with optoelectronic adjuster

Boring tool with optoelectronic adjuster

high-tech boring head

A new high-tech boring head — the Digital B4035 — has been introduced by Walter. The boring head has an optoelectronic backlash-free adjustment measuring system and digital display with 0.0001-in. accuracy in the diameter range of 0.118 in. to 4.882 in. (3 mm to 124 mm). With maintenancefree automatic balance compensation and flexible Screw Fit connections, the company said the tool is good for all spindle adaptations.

Its modular design offers a large diameter range for precision digital boring. The basic head can hold multiple tools, such as solid carbide boring bars that cover the working range 0.079 in. to 0.394 in. (2 mm to 10 mm ) and various indexable insert boring bars for diameter ranges of 0.394 in. to 2.677 in. (10 mm to 68 mm).

For larger diameters, 2.677 in. to 4.882 in. (68 mm to 124 mm), there are two lightweight bridges made from aluminium. The inner coolant supply throughout the tool, suitable for minimum quantity lubrication, is consistent both with boring bars and bridges.

An additional feature of the B4035 is that in the diameter range above 0.394 in. (10 mm) only two indexable insert sizes are needed, and these are threeedge ANSI W-type inserts. Also, the head’s precision balance allows speeds up to 16,000 rpm.

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