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Blank Tooling Blocks

Blank Tooling Blocks

Carr Lane Mfg. Co. ( has introduced Abbott aluminum alloy blank tooling blocks that are made of A713 Tenzaloy aluminum alloy for light weight, high strength, and good vibration dampening. The tooling blocks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including two-, three-, four-, six- and eight-sided versions, as well as window, rotary and relieved tooling blocks.

These economical, custom blank tooling blocks fit standard machining-center pallets, ranging from 300 mm to 1,000 mm pallets. The blocks are stocked as unmachined blank castings, then quickly machined to user specifications, such as a machined base with JIS or DIN location and mounting holes and machined or unmachined faces.

Rugged, tight tolerance face drivers

New Neidlein Face Drivers from LMC Workholding ( provide tight tolerances for applications including hard turning, grinding, heavy cuts and other special applications.

Neidlein Face Drivers allow the entire outside diameter of a workpiece to be machined in a single operation to provide increased productivity, quality and cost efficiency while eliminating changeovers. The new face drivers feature heavier duty components and tighter tolerance between the pins and driver body for producing parts with better runout and concentricity, as well as increased durability of the face driver.

Multi-workpiece clamping vise

A new workholding concept, the Kontec KSM stationary clamping vise, has been introduced by Schunk Inc. ( With its multiple-part clamping features where several workpieces of the same size or even several different sized workpieces can be held at the same time, the vise helps to increase production efficiency and reduce setup costs.

The vise has vertical serrations on the inner side of its clamping rail, so that its jaw modules can be positioned quickly and accurately with one hand. To fix the jaws, one screw has to be turned 180°.

The contamination resistant clamping method reduces vibrations and increases workpiece stability during machining. Vise jaws, based on the wedge-hook principle, allow safe clamping of workpieces with an ideal flow of forces. As a result, the company said high precision is guaranteed even at high chipremoval rates.

The clamping system consists of a corrosionresistant 65-mm or 90-mm wide clamping rail available in three standard lengths. The hard jaws, with smooth or serrated surfaces, are reversible and can be positioned via the vertical serration on the clamping rail. The vertical serration ensures workpiece support on smooth surfaces. The movable jaws use the pull-down effect to pull a workpiece toward the clamping rail. They are equipped with a gripping groove and a “click-in” interface that is used as a fixed surface for the next workpiece.

A variety of jaws are available including top jaws without the pull-down effect allowing for better workpiece support.

The Kontec KSM clamping device has mounting bores for easy assembly onto a grid table and vertical grooves for mounting on machine tables with T-nuts and is also a good complement for the Schunk Unilock system.

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