Advanced Flute Form Optimizes Chip Flow

May 17, 2012
Variable-skip tooth geometry enlarges chip space and lowers tapping torque
Emuge developed a new flute form it explained is well suited to materials like aluminum and carbon and stainless steels that produce long strings of chips. A line of NPT taper pipe taps introduced recently are designed with a new flute form that features a variable-skip tooth geometry. Emuge Corp.’s flute design optimizes chip flow and clearance and lowers tapping torque, which it said is “ideal” for processing materials that produce long, stringy chip formations. Emuge is a subsidiary of Emuge-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG that manufactures taps, end mills, thread mills, holders, and attachments, with over 12,000 types of cutting tools and accessories in stock.

Taper pipe threads achieve a much higher volume of chip removal in tapping compared to straight UN screw threads, according to the developer. This is particularly important for tapping materials that are prone to clogging flutes with long chip strings, such as aluminum, carbon steels, stainless steels, and mold steels. Emuge stated that its NPT taps improve chip flow significantly and provide better thread finish and gauging. In addition they promote higher rates of production because they contribute to machine downtime.

The new taps are precision-ground to produce internal NPT pipe threads to a close tolerance on thread dimensions and limits of size, and with high-quality surfaces on the thread flanks to achieve tight, leak-free joints consistently at assembly. The tools are produced in high-speed steel and PVD coated for longer service life and improved thread finish.

The taps will be stocked in 1/16 through 1 in. NPT pipe sizes, and in two lengths: the standard ANSI length; and the longer DIN length that allows greater reach, chip clearance, and coolant delivery — notably for use on CNC machines with rigid (synchronous) tapping capabilities.

Emuge’s NPT taper pipe taps are offered in bright finish for wrought aluminum materials and TiN-coated for steel materials. TiCN coating is available upon request, too.

“The new flute design on the Emuge NPT taps allows for improved chip flow and chip clearance, which results in longer tap life than conventional pipe taps that often pre-maturely fail due to severe chipping of the cutting teeth or total breakage due to chip clogging,” stated Emuge’s Mark Hatch, product director, Threads and Taps.

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