Heavy-Duty Flange Facers Improve Tool Performance, Cut Repair, Maintenance

May 18, 2010
Climax Portable Machine Tools new line for in-situ repair and on-site machining.

The new portable flange facers from Climax Portable Machine Tools offer a patented safety feature that lets operators adjust the feed rate while the machine is still running, without having to reach into the machine. It’s capable of infinitely variable feed rates; has a turning arm and tool head that rotate a full 360 degrees; and features a modular design for easier set-up and tear down.

Climax Portable Machine Tools targets its new line of flange facers for in-situ repairs and on-site machining of demanding flange surfaces. Describing these new products as “powerful” and “versatile,” the supplier says they were developed for use in power generation facilities, petrochemical plants, shipbuilding operations, and maintenance applications, and in heavy equipment industries.

Climax indicates the new flange facers’ operating power and rigid design enable fast and accurate metals removal.

The new machines are said to be the market’s only flange facers that allow operators to adjust the feed rate while the machine is running, without having to reach into the machine. They can achieve infinitely variable feed rates from 0.002 to 0.035-inches/rev (0.0508 to 0.889 mm/rev), according to Climax.

“These new flange facers comply with the latest European CE safety standards, making them the safest portable flange facers to operate today,” states company president Geoff Gilmore. “With these new flange facers, customers attain a level of power unparalleled in other tool options, helping them get their jobs done faster and more efficiently.” Features such as large, heavy-duty construction-grade bearings provide powerful, rigid performance throughout the entire machining range, even when machining over bolt-hole patterns. These features substantially shorten the time needed for repairs to equipment such as flanges on piping systems, heat exchangers, pump housings, hatch seat openings, and bearing mounts. The machine’s turning arm and tool head rotate a full 360 degrees, creating a variety of chamfers, O-Ring grooves, and other angular surfaces, and generating phonographic finishes. Modular construction over the entire line minimizes the number of individual components and greatly simplifies machine set-up and tear down.

The new flange facer line includes: Climax FF6200 with a facing range from 20 to 50 inches (508 to 1270 mm); Climax FF7200, with a facing range of 30 to 72 inches (762 to 1829 mm); and Climax FF8200, with a facing range of 45 to 120 inches (1,143 to 3,048 mm).

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