1998 Reader-selected winners in Excellence in Manufacturing

Oct. 1, 1998
Carr Lane Mfg. Co. — Workholding winner Innovation has helped Carr Lane Manufacturing Co., the world's largest supplier of tooling and workholding products. The 45-year-old company recently added an on-line catalog and downloadable engineering drawin


Carr Lane Mfg. Co. — Workholding winner
Innovation has helped Carr Lane Manufacturing Co., the world's largest supplier of tooling and workholding products. The 45-year-old company recently added an on-line catalog and downloadable engineering drawings to its website: And Carr Lane continues to support just-in-time production with fast delivery of thousands of industry-standard items. By embracing new technologies and constantly expanding its line, Carr Lane responds to the needs of the manufacturers it serves. Erwin Junker Machinery Inc. — Grinding Machines winner
For more than 35 years, Junker has dedicated it-self to providing the highest quality and precision O.D. and I.D. cylindrical grinding systems available. Innovation is our foundation for planning and producing the most diversified line of grinding systems available.

Unlike other grinding machine manufacturers, Junker has succeeded in optimizing innovative solutions. Based on state-of-the-art technology, much of it from our R&D group, we have maintained a leading-edge position based on the ever-changing worldwide demand for flexible high-speed, precision grinding systems.

Guhring Inc. — Cutting Tools, High Speed Steel winnerAt Guhring Inc., we believe that all companies ultimately are focused on reducing total cost as a fundamental means to improve profits and compete in their respective markets. Based on the premise, Guhring's mission is to provide customers with the means to take cost out of machining production components by improving machine process times and product quality.

Our competitive strength and value to our customers stem from our global commitment to research and development in tooling technology, our attention to detail in tool design, manufacturing and quality control, and our unique approach in designing and building custom tool-manufacturing equipment that surpasses any other machinery available worldwide.

Haas Automation Inc. — Machining Centers winner"Making Technology Affordable" is the driving force behind Haas Automation. Our goal is to build flexible machine tools that are easy to use, simple to service, highly reliable, and, above all, affordable. More than 100 engineers are employed who continually refine our machines to obtain that elusive goal—perfection.

Our new 420,000-square-foot, state-ofthe-art manufacturing facility in Oxnard, Calif., is a symbol of our continued commitment to our customers. We have invested millions in "lights-out," automated, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) to thor-oughly streamline our production capabilities and field an ever-growing line of high-precision CNC products. To control quality, costs, and lead times, we machine all critical components in-house on dedicated state-ofthe-art CNC machine tools. We maintain accuracies in the ten-thousandths of an inch, resulting in precision that is not dependent on the ability to fit outof-tolerance parts. The accuracy is machined into every part.

Hardinge Inc. — Turning Machines winnerTwo basic fundamentals will continue to drive machine tool builders — cost per part and machine flexibility/agility.

The under-lying factors that will impact these areas include cycle time reductions, increased machining speeds, and reduced life cycle costs through built-in reliability.

Hardinge is keeping a very close eye on the evolving needs of machine users. We recognize that users' perceptions are different. Hardinge has strived to be a technology leader in the development of machines that can process a variety of materials efficiently.

HE&M Saw — Sawing & CutoffHE&M Saw manufactures over 40 different models of production band-saws for the metalworking industry including vertical, horizontal, plate and double saws with capacities ranging from 12 X 12 in. to 80 X 80 in. Material handling tables and other time-saving features are available as options. HE&M Saw continues to lead the new saw technology. With band-saws in operations not only all over the USA but in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim, HE&M Saw continues to lead the new saw technology. We are revolutionizing the band sawing industry with more patented innovations than any other bandsaw manufacturer — innovations like our blade enhancers, CutWatcher, multiguide arm saws, and computer controlled saws. From our original patent on bar feed systems to the remarkable technological advances we are making today, HE&M Saw has continually proven itself a leader, not a follower, in the industry. Most of our old saws are still in operation at their original installations and doing a great job. Komet of America Inc. — Cutting Tools, High Speed Steel winner
It is the policy of Komet of America Inc. to design, fabricate, market, and service products that will reliably perform to their design intent. The products offered to the company's customers are consistent with the public interest, safety, and contract requirements. Products containing the company trademark shall be made to the same standards and quality requirements regardless of where the material was purchased or manufactured. And all parts and subassemblies of like product identification are interchangeable regardless of the location of manufacture.
Manufacturing Data Systems Inc. (MDSI) — Manufacturing Software winnerManufacturing Data Systems Inc. supplies factory automation software and services that increase manufacturing flexibility and enable agile manufacturing. The company focuses on helping managers regain control of their manufacturing assets by providing software tools that let manufacturers install and upgrade their own CNC controls and collect machining data in real time. MDSI believes putting CNC control back into the owners' hands via software that creates a new model for manufacturing will revolutionize the factory floor.
Precision Twist Drill — Cutting Tools winnerPrecision Twist Drill is dedicated to consistently meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations for value, quality, service, and technology. This is achieved through developing a culture where each employee is committed to excellence and an ongoing corporate policy of investment into resource development. Our goals and objectives consist of attaining the highest level of overall customer satisfaction, achieving and maintaining the status of being a low cost producer and low cost marketer of high-quality products, being a leader in technical market support, and service processes to ensure and maintain a high level of flexibility.

Rofin-Sinar Inc. — Laser & Thermal Cutting winner
Rofin-Sinar is committed to all who have taken in the success of its business: employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

The company strives to: recruit, challenge, reward, and retain the most competent employees in a productive and fulfilling environment. Deliver to customers the highest value material processing lasers and services measured by quality, timeliness, and competitive prices. Deal with suppliers in the manner in which it wishes to be dealt with by customers. Continuously increase the value of the company to investors, balancing short range income with long range investment in growth strategies.

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. — Controls & Systems winnerSiemens Energy & Automation Inc. strives to be a leading competitor in the field of industrial automation by providing technical leadership, innovative engineering solutions, and unparalleled services to our customers worldwide.

At every level, Siemens customers are experiencing what we mean by our slogan "The Passion to Perform." With every encounter, our ability to provide customers best-in-class solutions improves and ultimately enhances our ability to meet the needs of all our customers now and well into the future.


DMG America Inc. — Machining Centers winnerFor more than a century, the Gildemeister group of companies has demonstrated its leadership in machine tool manufacturing for the metalworking industry. Behind this longevity is our commitment to ongoing product enhancements to keep pace with changing technology.

The recent introduction of Netservice (a concept for Internet-based service and support) carries this philosophy beyond machines. Global partnerships, expansion of our regional technical centers, and a strong dealer network further demonstrate our efforts to ensure our customers receive exceptional support worldwide and enjoy enhanced productivity.

Masco Machine Inc. — Microfinishing winnerAn off-the-shelf machine is not always the smartest solution. Manufacturers come to us because they know that we will listen to their particular requirements. We work with our customers to develop not only the best equipment configuration, but also the best production process for the range of their workpieces. We deliver full turnkey, custom metal-cutting solutions using our latest modules that achieve the best possible return on the investment, space utilization, ergonomics, reliability, and maintainability.

Newall Electronics Inc. — Controls & Systems winner

Since 1989, Newall Electronics Inc. has seen the benefits of going above and beyond the norm in trying to satisfy its customers and network of distributors. Newall's original philosophy, which continues today, was nothing more than to "treat people in the same manner that you want to be treated." Newall's approach to customer service creates much more empathy on Newall's part, and it recognizes that everyone makes mistakes from time-to-time. Thanks to Newall, it doesn't always have to cost money.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide — Cutting Tools Carbide winner

The basis for the code of conduct for Sumitomo companies was formulated in the late 1800s. The code states the necessity of acting in good faith in order to maintain the other party's trust. It also urges that social trends should be studied in order to meet social changes with active responses. Lastly, the code advises against attraction to easy profits or hastily being drawn to the promise of profits before fully investigating the commercial viability of ventures.

With this in mind, Sumitomo Electric Carbide's mission is to service society by applying technological innovation to the development of tomorrow's products and services through reliability, vitality, and creativity.

Surfware Inc. — Manufacturing Software winner
Surfware is a family-owned and operated CAD/CAM company with 48 years' history in discrete manufacturing. A family ambiance extends to include all employees and resellers. Since the software company began in 1987, employee and dealer turnover has been extremely low, which gives stability in development, technical support, and sales staffs. This constancy has driven development of robust products and a highlytechnical global distribution network. Surfware has earned a reputation in the industry for being a good company with which to do business.

Tornos Technologies U.S. Corporation — Turning Machines winner

We have a great product line today that has taken single and multispindle turning machines to the next level in that they combine the best of traditional cam and CNC benefits. The key word, however, is today. Although we have an ambitious R&D program, we cannot base our future on today's successful product and a receptive market. That's why customer service remains our primary focus. Providing on-going support — spare parts, training, technical assistance, and competent repair service — will be the reason for our success in the future.

Valenite Inc. — Cutting Tools-Carbide winnerValenite helps manufacturers master their metalcutting operations by offering a complete line of new products. One example is its new SpectraMill SM 245, which uses MLCVD coating technology to apply 62 ultra-thin coatings that result in an insert that lasts up to four times longer. Valenite has invested over $60 million in new manufacturing equipment, tooling, and process improve-ments. The entire company is registered under one ISO 9001 certificate.


Acu-Rite Inc. — Controls & Systems winnerOur mission is to be a profitable and responsible company where customers, suppliers, employees, owners, and the community benefit and grow from our success.

We want to serve our customers by providing them with products that give the best value in terms of features, quality, reliability, and price. And we want to offer the highest level of product and service support in our market, along with focusing each day on serving our customers better by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co. — Sawing & Cutoff winnerThe philosophy of Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co. for over 90 years has been to provide dependable quality machines and blades along with unequaled customer support. Our Marvel bandsaws and blades and Spartan metalworking machinery are designed to the highest industry standards. Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co. is also committed to customizing our machines and handling systems to meet the needs of individual customers.
ChipBlaster — Cutting Tools winnerChipBlaster is a knowledge-based company that strives to provide our customers with the highest value products on earth. We continually strive to drive down our costs and improve our customer's profit. We have a corporate-wide commitment to R&D to ensure that we continue to be the technological leader in our field of expertise.

Our line consists of unique products designed as a response to customer needs. Innovative products have been designed for coolant recy-cling, filtration, hydraulics, machine construction, etc. A totally new product is released, on average, once a quarter, and existing products are scheduled for redesign every 18 months. We must always remember that our customers are our only reason for existence.

Cincinnati Inc. — Machining Centers winnerWe at Cincinnati Inc. are committed to providing our machine tools customers — wherever located, whatever size — with technologies for raising productivity and competitiveness. Toward that goal, we offer the industry's most complete range of CNC machine tools — value-packed jobshop machines, versatile horizontal machining centers, highly affordable starter cells that are easy and economical to expand, plus the widest array of 5-axis, aerospace, and high performance machines.
Lumonics — Laser & Thermal Cutting winnerLumonics is a world leader in the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of laser-based advanced manufacturing systems for semiconductor and electronics, aerospace, automotive, and packaging markets.

The company's ongoing global expansion is made possible through intense laser technology research and development, market-oriented sales teams, total quality leadership training, and rapid response service.

Renishaw — Inspection and Measuring Equipment winnerSince the formation of the first Renishaw company in the U.K. in 1973, there has been a high commitment to research and development which, annually, together with engineering expenses, amounts to approximately 12% of sales. Thus investment has resulted in a c o m p r eh e n s i v e range of highly accurate probes, accessories, measuring systems and other innovative products which have significantly advanced the frontiers of knowledge in research activities and have generated, and continue to generate, important patents which form the basis of current and future products.
Sandvik Coromant Co. — Cutting Tools, Carbide winnerSandvik Coromant is the world-leading manufacturer of carbide cutting tools. With annual investments of over $150 million in R&D, Sandvik continues to be a pioneer in tooling technology and introduces 1,500 new products each year.

The company is strongly committed to working in partner-ship with its customers, offering value-added services such as training and productivity improvement programs to help customers improve their production methods, increase throughput, reduce machining costs, and improve return-on-capital investments.

TekSoft Inc. — Manufacturing Software winner
Since 1981, TekSoft has been recognized as the first PC-based CAD/CAM system to utilize a graphical user interface. This heritage of product innovation and ease of use serve as an icon of productivity for over 16,000 customers worldwide who depend on TekSoft to deliver reliable manufacturing solutions.

TekSoft expects to maintain its competitive edge by continuing to invest heavily in R&D. Ongoing alpha and beta testing ensures quality software. Annual VAR certification signifies TekSoft's commitment to customer service.


Amada Cutting Technologies Inc. — Sawing & Cutoff winnerAmada's philosophy has always been to maintain a very aggressive re-search and development program. It is the intent of Amada's top management to always strive for new levels of innovation while maintaining the highest possible level of quality. It has always been Amada's goal to reduce secondary machining costs through accurate cuts, improved surface finishes, and long blade life.

With the ever-increasing requirement for higher levels of accuracy and productivity through extensive research and development programs, Amada will be there to meet the challenge.

Charmilles Technologies EDM winnerCharmilles Technologies is committed to customer service. Our 58 service engineers in 28 North American locations put us within a one-hour drive of 90% of EDM users. 87% of our service phone calls are answered "live" by a service technician. To be certain that we supply repair parts promptly, we stock more than $8 million worth of parts, an inventory that allows us to fill 94% of parts orders off the shelf.
Clausing Industrial Inc. Turning Machine winnerClausing is dedicated to excellence in machine tool production, distribution, and support services. We provide our customers a range of products and services which few machine tool companies can match. Meeting our customers' needs for quality machine tool products and service is our primary mission, and our success in filling that mission has helped us to become the best in the machine tool industry. Clausing's character is expressed by our values and the standards of excellence pursued by our dedicated machine tool professionals.
Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools — Machining Centers winnerOne of the many strengths that gives Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools its leadership position in machining centers is our application expertise. We use our 1,000+ man years of application experience to develop creative and productive manufacturing solutions. This core capability, developed in a part-nership process with our customers, drives our organization from sales through product development and long-term support.
Heidenhain Corp. — Controls & Systems winnerHeidenhain is the world's largest supplier of feedback products and controls. The company's comprehensive portfolio of products and services is second to none. In looking to the future, Heidenhain continues to aggressively invest in new technologies that will address the challenges of tomorrow. Even great products aren't enough in today's constantly changing markets. Our customers must know that they can depend on us for much more. To this extent, Heidenhain offers a customer support system that is unparalleled in the industry.
Iscar Metals Inc. — Cutting Tools-Carbide winnerIscar lends its success to aggressive research and development, precision manufacturing of innovative, unique quality products, and a commitment to marketing, service, and training. Day by day, new cutting systems and advanced communications are being put in place to provide greater efficiency and more opportunities for the end user. Iscar provides the total solution for cutting tool needs, combining a full product line with full service.
Kitamura Machinery of U.S.A. Inc. — Machining Centers winnerSince its establishment in 1933, Kitamura Machinery Co. Ltd. has chosen to specialize in only machining centers from among other machine tools. Our commitment to continually enhance our research and development process in the production of these machining centers is what sets Kitamura apart from our competition. In keeping with the pace of today's ever-changing technological marketplace, Kitamura has preserved its company motto, "Limitless Creativity," while continually seeking originality and innovation in expanding and improving our Mycenter Series line of machining centers.
Okamoto Corp. — Grinding Machines winnerOkamoto expertly applies superior technology to develop creative solutions that exceed our customers' requirements. With world-class re-search and development operations, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and unmatched customer support programs, it's easy to see why people think of Okamoto first when they think of exceptional grinding equipment, technology, and innovation. While advanced technology puts Okamoto on top, it's our commitment to quality and service that keeps us there.
Optical Gaging Products Inc. — Inspection & Measuring Equipment winnerIn 1998, Optical Gaging Products Inc. (OGP) celebrates its 53rd anniversary of serving the precision measurement needs of industry. During this time, we have grown from a designer of gaging fixtures and optical comparators to a global supplier of high-quality, technically advanced, non-contact measurement systems.

OGP is the leading manufacturer of measuring equipment because we listen to the changing needs of our customers. In-house research, development, and manufacturing operations produce state-of-the-art coordinate measurement systems. And OGP craftsmen produce the highest quality optics, mechanics, electronics, and software.


Anilam Inc. — Controls & Systems winner
This year, Anilam celebrates 30 years of innovation and leadership in metalworking electronics. High performance, made easy to use, is the hallmark of Anilam. This is accomplished by strong dedication to investment in research and design and with creative human resources who are well experienced in machine tools. Anilam has always been a ground-breaker. We presented the first programmable readout 21 years ago and our first conversational controls 19 years ago. Anilam, in a radical step, was among the first in the industry to convert to PC-based control systems in 1990. Anilam's ingenuity is especially manifested this year with a wealth of new products.

Fadal Engineering — Machining Centers winnerFounded in 1961 by Francis Adrian Dave, and Larry Fadal, Fadal Engineering began as a jobshop that catered primarily to the Southern California aerospace industry.

After developing a strong reputation for taking difficult-to-deliver jobs, the founders of Fadal branched into manufacturing tool changers for manual mills.

Now, more than 20 years after the introduction of our first machine tool, over 19,000 Fadal Engineering vertical machining centers have been delivered worldwide. This success lies on a philosophical foundation of continuously striving to find new and innovative ways of applying today's technology.

Hurco Machine Tool Products — Machining Centers winnerHurco has always been driven to use technology to meet customer needs. We have always focused on the technology in controls and software integrated into complete machine systems to solve problems encountered by operators and machinists everyday. The latest example of applying technology to meet customer needs is the new Ultimax 4 programming station. Utilizing new flat-panel-dis-play technology, Ultimax offers a unique modern design with proven ergonomic design and layout to improve ease of use.
Micro Estimating Systems — Manufacturing Software winnerOur sales growth of over 300 percent in the last eight years is a direct reflection of our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. The mission established by our company is to set the industry standard for computer-aided estimating systems. In striving to fulfill our mission, our firm has continuously remolded itself to take advantage of opportunities in increased re-search, product development, and quality assurance efforts. We will continue to strive for improved efficiencies and economic value to our customers.
Nikon Inc. — Inspection & Measuring Equipment winnerNikon has built on its heritage as the world's premiere optical company to create the world's finest tools for optical and video measuring and inspection. The key elements of Nikon's success are extensive R&D, complete control of its manufacturing process, stellar service, great performance and durability, and user-friendliness. Nikon has also made it easy to learn, use, and get the most out of its renowned equipment. All of this adds up to a fast return on investment and improved productivity in manufacturing and engineering environments.


CG Tech — Manufacturing Software winner
CGTech is dedicated to maintaining its position as the world leader in NC verification, simulation, and optimization software for manufacturing. When users purchase Vericut, they are not just buying software, they are gaining a manufacturing partner with the best reputation in the business. We value our customers and listen to them as we continue to develop the program. Our technical support staff is made up of NC experts who understand the problems faced by manufacturing engineers.

Kennametal Inc. — Cutting Tools, Carbide winnerKennametal's goal is to help its customers lower the cost of each part they produce. In addition to supplying a comprehensive selection of productiv-ity-boosting metalworking tools, supplies, and services, Kennametal offers tool procurement, management, and application assistance that enables customers to reduce costs and streamline their manufacturing process. From research and development, through manufacturing, marketing, and sales, the company's efforts represent a direct and ongoing response to the needs of its customers around the world.
The L.S. Starrett Co. — Inspection & Measuring Equipment winnerOur philosophy today is no different than it has been for the well over 100 years we have been in business. The founder of our business, L.S. Starrett, was committed to providing the very best tools to enable people around the world to do their jobs better. We commit whatever resources it takes to R&D to ensure that the tools we use and the tools we make are state-of-the-art.

We have always done this, and we continue to do it.

Our reputation pivots on quality. We are not as concerned with the biggest as we are with being the best within every facet of our business, including the quality of our tools and the quality of customer service.

Mazak Corp. — Machining Centers winnerMazak is committed to providing a total manufacturing solution to industries through three key business principles: Agile Manufacturing Centers, Technology Centers, and Customer Service and Support Centers.

Agile Manufacturing allows us to produce innovative, high-performance machines for a reasonable price on a timely basis. The Technology Centers help customers implement the advanced machine tool technology at their facilities. Our comprehensive customer support program, "Optimum," continues throughout the life of the machines.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. — Welding Equipment winnerMiller Electric's design philosophy is based on partnering with key customers to help drive our product development process. Miller develops a "System Solution" for customers, incorporating rapid step or incremental technologies, plus new technologies that penetrate new and existing customers and markets. Products range from welding, to plasma cutting, to induction curing systems.
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. — Controls & Systems winnerMitsubishi Electric Automation's mission is to support the automation needs of North and Latin America with combined product development, customer service and technical support, engineering and manufacturing, sales, marketing, and all other resources. Our commitment to being a customer and growth-orientated company clearly positions us as a global leader for the new millennium. Whether it is through the development of a superior automation solution, the assurance of quality customer service, or even through our charitable programs, our philosophy is our driving force.
Motch Corp. — Turning Machines winnerAt Motch, we have the resources, the technology, and the commitment to set a higher standard. As a member of the Park Corp. family, our mission is to develop creative solutions to our customers' manufacturing requirements.

In the past year, we nearly doubled our workforce. One out of four is an engineer dedicated to developing the best process solutions. The rest build, implement, and service those solutions. Motch will set the pace in performance, products, and services.

Okuma America Corporation — Turning Machines winnerAs a machine tool builder, productivity is our business. We've been focusing on it for 100 years. It's the essential ingredient in manufacturing success. And it can only be achieved through the teamed effort of new machine tool technology and efficient customer service support.

The bottom line is optimizing the spindle. In today's manufacturing world that includes Okuma machine tool technology and Okuma CARE's 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week program of constantly available technical expertise and re-pair parts.

Sunnen Products Co. — Grinding Machines winnerSunnen Products Company of St. Louis has been the global leader in the development and manufacture of bore sizing and finishing equipment for almost 75 years. Attention has always been focused on the advancement of bore-sizing technology and equipment for industrial and automotive applications. Therefore, the foundation for Sunnen's research and development is the continuous review of all to determine the need for redesign, deletion, or for totally new products.

The primary objective of Sunnen Products Company's R&D is to keep pace with customer needs in processing new materials and requirements for higher volume production while maintaining the highest standards of precision.

Toyoda Machinery USA, Grinding Machine Division — Grinding Machines winner
Toyoda Machinery USA is wholly owned by Japan's Toyoda Machine Works Ltd. — a leading machine tool and automotive components company. Truly global, with affiliated companies in Asia, South America, and Europe, Toyoda is an international family of skilled engineers and craftsmen dedicated to providing effective metalworking solutions. As the world's largest manufacturer of cylindrical grinders, producing machines with the highest uptime rates, Toyoda is a leader in CBN advancements and an innovator in a variety of technologies for future manufacturing systems.


Applicon — Manufacturing Software winnerApplicon is committed to continued leadership in providing assembly design-through-manufacturing technology to our worldwide customers. Applicon is reinvesting 20% of revenue back into research and development on an annual basis. In addition, Applicon is acquiring technology to innovative ideas through acquisitions. Aplicon customers can create a common product definition that can be shared with the production assets of the entire enterprise.
Bridgeport Machines Inc. — Milling Machines winnerBridgeport Machines Inc. provides superior machining solutions for a changing world, with an extended line of quality products and a commitment to continuous improvement, evidenced by ISO 9001 certification of its U.S., U.K., and German manufacturing facilities. Its highly trained product teams offer fast response to customer application and service needs, while the website provides quick access to product information and technical documentation. Ongoing product development, quality manufacturing techniques, and a commitment to solving customer problems are keys to Bridgeport's success.
Carboloy Inc. — Cutting Tools winnerNo cutting tool manufacturer today can maintain a position of leadership without continuous improvement in the areas of metallurgy, insert coatings, and tool geometry. To that end, Carboloy and its parent company, Seco Tools, consistently reinvest a substantial portion of annual sales revenue in new equipment and facilities for research and development, including process development. We also work constantly to improve our corporate quality system, aiming to consistently meet the same exacting performance standards worldwide.
DoAll Co. — Sawing & Cutoff winnerFor nearly 70 years, DoAll Company has diligently adhered to a philosophy of total customer satisfaction. Meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations has required more than just a philosophy. However, we continually monitor our manufacturing process to ensure our customers that DoAll incorporates the best, most state-of-the-art, technologically advanced equipment industry has to offer.

Equally important is our commitment to staffing our facilities with highly skilled and continuallytrained engineers and operators. We understand what quality is all about. It's our way of doing business.

Federal Products Inc. — Inspection & Measuring Equipment winnerOur vision is to be the leading worldwide supplier of dimensional measurement solutions to precision manufacturing companies.

We are committed to exceed our customers' expectations by having the strongest application-oriented marketing, sales, and engineering capability supported by a highly flexible and responsive manufacturing process.

Our high-quality products and services will help our customers optimize their manufacturing processes.

With their success, we will achieve sustained growth and profitability.

GE Fanuc Automation — Controls & Systems winnerAt GE Fanuc Automation, our strategy is to improve our customers' productivity with the highest performance technology for machining process control. We are continually refining the design of our CNCs to make them smaller and easier to install. Our efforts are focused on developing CNC software that will become the basis for future growth, while providing our customers with the flexibility and range of features essential to meeting their changing needs.

Greenleaf — Cutting Tools winner
The Greenleaf philosophy has always been one of close ties to the end user and an order well-earned through superior applications knowledge and innovative design engineering. Our slogan, "We don't sell tooling, we provide increased productivity," is at the heart of all our thinking as we grow and diversify. Our R&D has provided us with numerous metal removal solutions which have positively impacted productivity, perhaps none more dramatically than our WG-300 whisker-reinforced ceramic which removes metal up to 10 times faster than the best prior methods.

Hitachi Seiki U.S.A. Inc. — Machining Centers winner
Hitachi Seiki has a philosophy of designing machine tools to give the best value to the customer.

New concepts such as our ECO-eco (Ecology and Economy) features eliminate lubrication and hydraulic systems. This will save the customer the cost of oil and the environmental impact of contaminated coolants. These ideas are the wave of the future and are included in the standard package of our S Series machines.

Additional value is the key to customer satisfaction and future business.

Kurt Manufacturing Co. — Workholding winnerIt is the policy of Kurt Manufacturing Co. to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers, to deliver them on time and without defects. Our continuous pursuit of ideas to improve our services and products yields many new innovations. A firm commitment to R&D is the cornerstone for company growth and insurance against product obsolescence. The quality of our products and services is the most important contributors to our success.
The Lincoln Electric Co. — Welding Equipment winnerLincoln Electric leads the industry with technology innovations. Lincoln has developed a number of industry firsts, including: Waveform Control Technology which controls the welding waveform to create a superior arc; ArcLink digital communications protocol; and WaveDesigner software which provides for the modification of wave shapes to match a particular application. These innovations are testaments of Lincoln's R&D commitment and our goal of advancing manufacturing technology.
Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp. — Cutting Tools, Carbide winnerNew technologies and new product offerings continue to be developed as part of Mitsubishi Materials USA Corporation's ongoing commitment to being a leader in the global metalworking industry. The North American subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation of Japan is now playing a leading role in coated insert products in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The company's cutting tool division, Mitsubishi Carbide markets and sells a wide range of coated and uncoated, CBN, and cermet indexable insert grades, as well as toolholders, milling cutters, boring systems, and a broad family of drilling products.

Mori Seiki U.S.A. Inc. — Turning Machines winnerIn an effort to re-main committed to excellence, Mori Seiki has announced that, as in the past and for the future, five percent of gross sales will be dedicated to research and development. Another five percent of gross sales will be allotted for equipment replacement and to improve manufacturing processes to enhance the quality and reliability of all machines. Mori Seiki has developed a distribution network that brings total application and service support right to each customer's doorstep. Through continuous training at the strategically located technical centers, support is kept customer focused.
Sodick Co. Ltd. — EDM winnerSodick started its business by offering new technology and possibility in the field of electrical discharge. Since then, we have continuously tried to develop the best product for diemaking in terms of not only hardware such as machines and materials, but also software such as control and communications systems.

Under the belief "best sparks make best products," all of us are doing our best to give customers the best possible solutions to individual problems. Responding to drastic changes in the real world of manufacturing, we will continuously break new grounds to meet changing customer needs.

United Grinding Technologies Inc. — Grinding Machines winnerUnited Grinding Technologies is a member of the Schleifring Group which is strategically focused on the worldwide CNC grinding machine tool business for a variety of industries and applications. United Grinding Technologies' vision is to be North America's leading provider of advanced technology and high quality CNC grinding systems coupled with competent applications expertise and excellent after-sales service, training, and support. Our primary objective is to supply our products and services in a responsive manner enabling our customers to enhance their manufacturing capabilities, global competitiveness, and profitability.


Goss & DeLeeuw Machine Co.Goss & DeLeeuw's commitment to research and development extends from the classroom to the factory floor to the laboratory. Goss has officially introduced its new Hi-Speed Chuck, which is capable of 10,000 rpm with no loss of jaw force. All parts are thor-oughly tested for precision and accuracy during and after production. When it comes to our customers, Goss' middle name is service. Our telephones are personally answered 24 hours a day, and should service be necessary, a technician will stay on the site for however long it takes for the customer to be satisfied.

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