New Geometries for Turning Steel, Stainless, High-Temp Alloys

May 18, 2010
Kennametals Beyond round inserts improve chip control at lower cutting forces
The new Beyond round inserts from Kennametal are offered in two geometries, Roughing Universal (RU) and Universal Positive (UP).

The new Beyond high-performance turning products from Kennametal includes two new geometries in round inserts, which the developer says will improve turning productivity for steel, stainless steels, cast irons, and high-temperature alloys products. The new geometries are called RU (Roughing Universal) and UP (Universal Positive).

Kennametal Inc. supplies tooling, engineered components, and advanced materials for manufacturing.

“Engineered specifically to deliver improved chip control at lower cutting forces, these new geometries mean excellent size control, superior surface finishes, reduced load spikes on capital equipment, and longer tool life,” says Alexander Momm, global product manager, turning products at Kennametal. “Manufacturing new railroad wheels or re-profiling existing wheels are great examples of heavy-duty industries that will significantly benefit from these new products.”

The Roughing Universal geometry features a proprietary wavy design with optimized size and spacing of the chip breaking element. This contributes to improved chip control at lower cutting forces, resulting in longer tool life and higher performance in heavy-duty roughing tasks.

The Universal Positive geometry is designed for medium machining and finishing and also features a unique chip-breaker design with optimized size and spacing of the chip-breaking element for improved performance. As both new geometries are available in Beyond grades, superior edge strength and longer tool life are added benefits. Both new geometries are also available in Kennametal’s Fix-Perfect or traditional pin-clamping styles.

“Whether roughing or finishing railroad wheels or attacking any new turning job, machine uptime and tool life are critical,” says U.J. Baid, global product manager at Kennametal. “These new geometries deliver superior chip control, longer tool life and provide improved operating conditions for capital equipment, meaning more success in turning operations.”

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