New turning and milling grades and cutters

Jan. 23, 2009
Valenite VP5625 and VP5615 steel turning grades. Valenite LLC said its new steel turning grades, VP5625 and VP5615, beat the leading competitor in 70 percent of all applications by improving surface speed rates on average of 35 ...
Valenite VP5625 and VP5615 steel turning grades.

Valenite LLC said its new steel turning grades, VP5625 and VP5615, beat the leading competitor in 70 percent of all applications by improving surface speed rates on average of 35 percent and feedrates of 25 percent without loss of tool life.

The grades were developed for high productivity steel machining.

Multi-purpose grade VP5625 excels in roughing to semifinishing in plain carbon, alloy and stainless steels. The VP5615 grade is good for semi-finish and finishing operations in carbon and alloy steels, and select cast iron applications.

VP5625 and VP5615 perform in all applications from smooth, uninterrupted cuts to more difficult out-of-round, interrupted or surface scale conditions. The combination of substrate, coating, edge preparation and post-coating surface treatment technologies greatly expand the operating range of both grades. Both grades offer the potential to utilize a single grade where two may have been required in the past and are designed to work well under wet or dry conditions.

Valenite VP2003 kits come with a range of milling inserts and cutters

Also new from Valenite is a new line of VP2003 milling kits with MicroForm technology that expands Valenite’s milling system. MicroForm technology is a carbide grade technology of powder preparation and sintering that provides a uniform micrograin structure.

This submicron grade technology has improved thermal resistance that provides exceptional stability against thermal cracks and plastic deformation.

VP2003 kits were developed to offer versatility on difficultto- machine workpiece materials including hardened steels, heatresistant super alloys, as well as aluminum and non-ferrous materials. This milling grade also works well in die-andmold applications. The introductory kits were developed for finish and light roughing applications.

VP2003 with MicroForm technology is available in a range of popular milling inserts and cutters in a convenient kit. Inserts are also available for purchase individually to fit any matching milling cutter.

An addition to Valenite’s die and mold product offering, V420 is available on cylindrical, Weldon and Morse tapers.

The V420 threeeffective indexable ball nose end mill from Valenite was designed to increase feedrates by 50 percent over industrystandard, two effective end mills, while reducing machining time by 33 percent or more.

Available in metric diameters from 20 mm to 32 mm, the V420 with SideLok technology — a direct-insert clamping design — increases metal removal rates, provides for fast indexing and reduces spare parts inventory. With the addition of a third insert and the rigid positioning of the inserts in the cutter body, the V420 allows for high diameter tolerance, low runout and good spherical form of the cutter.

In addition, by incorporating two of Valenite’s new PVD coated grades, the machining applications for V420 include a wide range of materials, including titanium and other heat-resistant alloys. The VP5020 PVD coated, sub-micron grade is good for high speeds and provides high toughness for machining steels, cast iron and heat-resistant alloys. The VP5040 PVD coated, high-toughness grade works well in heavy-duty applications in steel and stainless steels, and is suitable for dry machining without coolant.

The SideLok technology utilizes a single screw with no additional parts and allows for faster indexing of the insert as the retention screw remains in the cutter. This provides the ability to shape and profile at higher feedrates not previously possible.

Valenite’s V560 roughing face mill provides for trouble-free indexing on the machine.

Valenite also introduced the V560 roughing face milling cutters with ThruLok technology, an addition to the company’s Penta family, that allows operators to utilize the full potential of machine tools when performing heavy roughing – particularly in difficult-to-machine forgings and castings. ThruLok technology only requires a large, insert retention screw that remains in the body for easier indexing. With just three turns of the insert retention screw while on the machine, there is no cool down period required before indexing, allowing for more machining uptime.

The cutter’s 10-mm depth-of-cut capability allows operators to machine under the tough outer layer of forge or cast workpieces, reducing insert wear compared with smaller inserts. Available in metric diameters from 100 mm to 315 mm, the double-sided Penta design with 10 indexes per insert increases metal removal rates and production capacity while using less horsepower.

By incorporating three of Valenite’s new carbide grades and two insert geometries, the machining applications for V560 include a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The insert edges are numbered for easy indexing, and the seat pocket is protected by a steel shim for easy repair and long service life. ThruLok technology secures the insert into the cutter pocket at an angle of 30 degrees. By rotating the insert to its final location and tightening three revolutions, the insert seats firmly in the cutter.

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