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July 1, 1998
Check out some of the latest technology that will be featured at IMTS 98.

Check out some of the latest technology that will be featured at IMTS 98.

Surface measurement gage does in-process work

The Lasercheck-automated surface-roughness gage quickly measures surface roughness during the manufacturing process. Features such as automated alignment, measurements, file saving, and printed results let users monitor and improve surface roughness while reducing inspection costs. Even close to cutting fluids and contaminants, Lasercheck ensures accuracy readings.

The unit takes 10 measurements per second, over a range of 0.1 to 50.0 µ in. Ra roughness with accuracy of ±2.0% and repeatability of ±0.1%, providing complete characterization of the illuminated surface. Roughness values are sent to a host computer where Lasercheck Windows-based software displays real time values in graphic and numeric format along with statistical parameters. Optical Dimensions, Bozeman, Mont.

Turning center

A VTM 100 hybrid turn/mill center features a tool-changer unit in place of turret designs. This allows the center to machine a variety of parts with multiple features and contours. Its wide, box-way construction permits heavy cutting on workpieces measuring up to 40-in. in diameter. The VTM 100 also features a 36-tool magazine and an advanced CNC software and efficient design. KGK International Corp., Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Horizontal boring and milling machine

A box bed supports a 63 3 78-in. rotary table over its 118-in. X-axis travel. It also loads up to 28,000 lb and ensures squareness of motion relative to the spindle. The spindle headstock is mounted on a column, which travels at right angles to the table bed and parallel to the Z-spindle in the 59-in. W axis.

An independent ROD 700 rotary scale mounted at the table center feeds back precise table position data in 360° with a programming resolution of 0.001°. WMO Machine Tool Corp., Upper Saddle River, N.J.

PVD coating protects edges

RME Inc. applies low-temperature PVD coatings to cutting tools and wear parts. These thin, hard films protect cutting edges and reduce wear. RME customers benefit from quick deliveries, reduced inventory of cutting tools, and increased wear resistance. The company's most popular coatings are TiCN, TiAlN, TiN, CrN, ZrN and Al203. RME Inc., Ontario.

Deco 2000 has increased size

An increased size catapults DECO into competition with small lathes, in addition to conventional Swiss-type screw machines. The single-spindle is larger than the other 7, 10, and 20-mm models, accomodating bar diameters of 26 to 32 mm. The machine has 10 axes of motion and an optional C-axis headstock, and counter spindle ups it to 12 axes working simultaneously, with more flexibility.

Running the new 2000, is Tornos' patented PNC-DECO (parallel numerical control) system that replaces mechanical cams by creating electronic paths to the individual toolholders, all controlled by a clock. Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp., Brookfield, Conn.

Turning machine holds large diameters

A high-speed, 2-axis CNC turning machine handles tubing and bar up to 8.00 in. in
diameter. A 2SC800 features a 12-station turret and a 1,600-rpm turning speed. Also on the machine is a GE-Fanuc 18i-series CNC control and digital AC servodrive system along with a 50-hp Siemens AC spindle-drive. With live tooling, tool/part gaging, and multiple automated material-handling options, the 2SC-800 is well-suited for both stand alone and cellular applications. The 22,000-lb base machine, working in conjunction with a large flexible turret design, make the machine a candidate for heavy or precision cutting and small lot sizes, as well as high production work. Bardons & Oliver, Inc., Solon, Ohio.

Collet chucks handle small diameters

A Lexair direct mount collet chuck bolts directly to a lathe spindle nose and can be used on any spindle that incorporates a draw tube-type actuator. The chucks feature a simple pull-back design and are especially suited for clamping small-diameter workpieces. Their compact size increases tool clearances and reduces strain on spindle bearings. The 360° rigid clamping feature allows more machine speeds for barfeed applications. Lexair, Inc., Lexington, Ky.

CNC moldmaking mill keeps up

A compact, Röders model RFM 600 CNC moldmaking millmachines workpieces fitting within a 24 X 18 X 12-in. envelope, providing high throughput in little space and with little power lost in inertial forces. Accessories such as double-rotary tables, a swivel spindle, and lower-rpm spindles let the machine easily adapt to various materials and applications. The 600 also features a 42,000-rpm spindle and a 1,200-ipm programmable maximum table speed. Hansco Technologies, Montvale, N.J.

Automated pallet cell delivers productivity

One horizontal machining center with a Cincron automated pallet cell package makes cellular machining practical and affordable for of all size shops running either large production runs, small to medium batches, or an occassional one-off part. Rail-guided vehicles feeding multiple pallets to the machining center let shops handle more jobs in less time on tighter JIT schedules. It is as easy to operate as a stand-alone HMC because all machine and cell functions are controlled by the host machines multi-tasking Acramatic CNC. Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati, Ohio

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