Emuge Expands High-Productivity End Mill Line

Dec. 30, 2010
Efficient, reliable machining in a wider range of applications
Emuge’s HPC end mill series allow rapid material removal for a wide range of materials, with new designs that extend the applications to include complex 3-D machining, roughing, and pre-finishing operations.

Emuge Corp. this month expanded its end mill offerings with a new series it indicated have been developed to address a broader range of applications. Emuge is a subsidiary of Emuge-Werk Richard Glimpel KG, a manufacturer of more than 100,000 types of taps, thread mills, end mills, holders, and attachments. Massachusetts-based Emuge also offers end-user technical support through a network of experienced engineers.

The new High Productivity Cutting (HPC) end mills follow Emuge’s MULTI-Jet Cut end mills, which allow rapid material removal of a wide range of materials. New designs extend the applications to include complex 3-D machining, roughing, and pre-finishing operations. Emuge HPC end mills are made from micro-grain carbide, and the developer offers that they achieve “increased reliability and efficient chip evacuation for maximum cutting performance and tool life.”

The company’s milling products manager, Stephen Jean, explained that the HPC end mills feature a combination of cutting tool technologies like variable pitch and flute spacing to minimize vibrations, even at high speeds and substantial cutting depths. “Material removal rates of up to ten times that of conventional end mills can be achieved with Emuge HPC End Mills,” according to Jean.

The HPC series are offered in a range in diameters from 1 to 20 mm, depending on design. The models include Emuge’s original MULTI-Jet-Cut, offered in three length configurations, with an optimized geometry and high-performance carbide for accurate, large-volume machining in a variety of materials, including steel at up to 44 Rc, cast iron, brass and bronze.

Also available are MULTI-Jet-Cut IKZ end mills that use an internal coolant / lubricant to evacuate chips efficiently, in a wider range of materials. These end mills are available in the original flat end design as well as a torus or radius corner design. The coolant-through-the-spindle feature expands the range of applications to include titanium and nickel-based alloys.

The HPC-Jet-Cut end mills are available with positive, negative and neutral rake angle geometry, and provide exceptional tool life with smooth and efficient cutting in roughing and finishing operations, in a wide variety of materials including steels up to 56Rc.

Emuge’s MULTI-Jet-Cut Ball-Nose designs are recommended for high-volume 3-D machining — mold and die manufacturing, for example, or for manufacturing parts for the power generation and aerospace industries.

Finally, the MULTI-Jet-Cut Base end mills are available as an economical choice for rapid material removal in the widest range of materials. These end mills will maximize cutting performance even on conventional CNCs and manual machines that offer moderate spindle speeds and low machine dynamics, according to Emuge.

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