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New Insert Grades and Tools for High Productivity

Feb. 20, 2008
Sumo Tec grades have an evenly coated top surface for uninterrupted chip flow, less heat generation and less friction. Iscar Metals Inc. ( has developed a new metalworking concept for increased productivity. ...
Sumo Tec grades have an evenly coated top surface for uninterrupted chip flow, less heat generation and less friction.

Iscar Metals Inc. ( has developed a new metalworking concept for increased productivity.

Iscar called its new concept the 3P Sumo Line for Premium Productivity Products (3P), and said its new line of tooling provides better productivity, better profitability and better tooling performance.

The highlight of the 3P product introduction is the Sumo Tec premium tungsten carbide grades that Iscar said meet the challenges of contemporary drilling, milling, turning and grooving applications. Complementing Sumo Tec, Iscar developed a new series of tools and inserts that it is marketing as “Sumo” lines.

Iscar said it engineered the new grades to significantly extend insert tool life as a result of an innovative substrate. In addition, the Sumo Tec grades feature advanced CVD and PVD coating technology.

The PVD process is composed of Iscar’s Al-Tec coating technology. The CVD coating is based on Iscar’s Alpha-Tec technology that is resistant to wear, followed by a process that provides improved tool life, low insert surface stresses and an evenly coated top surface that contributes to smooth uninterrupted chip flow, less generated heat and less friction.

Extended flute milling cutters with
Helitang inserts are for heavy-duty milling.

Iscar said the new process improves toughness and chipping resistance, thus reducing friction and built-up edges to prolong tool life at increased machining conditions for all types of workpiece materials.

The milling line, called Sumomill, has tangentially clamped inserts with high positive cutting angles.

The Sumomill T290 family of endmills use a large number of insert cutting edges on a small tool diameter to enable increased feedrates for high productivity.

Iscar also has expanded its Helido double-sided helical positive geometry inserts with the H600 Upfeed line, and its Helitang 490 line for machining steel and steel alloy at high feeds. All of the latest Helido, Helitang and Sumomill lines, including the existing designs, now are available in the latest Sumo Tec PVD IC800 series grades.

A new indexable drilling line called Dr-Twist is available in diameter sizes from 10 mm to 60 mm.

The Dr-Twist line has twisted coolant holes, large gullets for chip evacuation and the advantages of the Sumo Tec grades.

Design of Tang-Grip cutters prevents insert pull-out during retraction.

Completing the line of the indexable drills, the Sumodrill, is for heavy duty, large diameter rough drilling applications from 61 mm to 80 mm.

For deep-hole drilling, Iscar offers the Chamgun exchangeable gundrill head that is designed to drill up to 30 times its length-to-diameter ratio. Chamgun enables the replacement of a drilling head on the machine, eliminating the process of removing the drill for indexing.

For heavy duty turning, Iscar introduced Sumoturn inserts made from the Sumo Tec 5000 grades for cast iron and Sumo Tec 8000 grades for machining steel and stainless steel. The company expanded its Heliturn LD family by adding inserts with positive radial helical cutting edges and positive rake angles that are designed to reduce cutting forces and facilitate higher productivity.

For parting, Iscar’s Tang-Grip line has tangential inserts that use the latest Sumo Tec 800 series grades to provide superior flatness and surface finish.

These single-ended inserts perform parting, grooving and interrupted grooving operations and feature rigid clamping and a tangentially oriented pocket for machining at high feeds with extended tool life.

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