High-Performance, Sharp-Edge Grade for HRSA, Ti Alloys

Feb. 22, 2010
Sandvik Coromants latest is designed for reliable machining, from aerospace to general engineering.

Sandvik Coromant's GC1115 ensures secure and reliable performance in applications ranging from aerospace to general engineering.

Sandvik Coromant’s new high-performance, sharp-edge grade for heat-resistant super alloys and stainless machining is GC1115, which the cutting-tool designer said is “designed to ensure secure and reliable performance in applications ranging from aerospace to general engineering.”

GC1115 combines the durability and heat resistance of fine-grain cemented carbide with wear-resistance supplied by a unique PVD coating, making it effective for predictable production systems (i.e., where unstable conditions are not likely.) The PVD coating also allows the grade to maintain sharp edges over a longer time in cut, while optimized micro-geometries ensure high component precision at low cutting forces.

Sandvik Coromant also indicated that GC1115 is versatile enough to complete an entire component and increase active machining time.

The new grade is designed for finishing to medium machining in stainless steel, and medium-machining to roughing in HRSA and titanium. Sandvik Coroman offers it in various positive and negative basic-shape inserts, as well as the full -M, -G and -E tolerance range for different insert edge sharpness and CoroCut® angled inserts for improved access in aerospace applications.

The toolmaker said GC1115 joins its other PVD products, GC1125 and GC1515, which it offers for “green light production.” These grades are marked by improved wear resistance, closer tolerances and higher security, for lower costs and true, undisturbed machining.

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