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Small Tools for Grooving, Parting and Profiling

Aug. 4, 2011
New Seco product has a 2-mm cutting edge
Seco Tools' new MDT 2MM is available in two sizes, one that's primarily for Swiss machining projects, and another for general machining tasks.

Seco Tools released the MDT 2MM recently, an extension of its MDT family of tools that brings a cutting edge width of just 2 mm (0.078 in.) The MDT 2MM is available in two sizes of inserts and toolholders. Designed primarily for Swiss machining applications, MDT19 inserts feature a compact size and are shaped to provide insert-indexing accessibility even when space is restricted. With a longer reach, larger toolholders and broader product range, the MDT28 size offers solutions for general machining applications. MDT28 allows parting off of bars up to 2” in diameter. Both sizes of inserts feature a much thinner width than the 3 mm and 4 mm tools in the MDT family, resulting in tremendous costs savings on materials when parting.

To maximize stability and accuracy, the MDT 2MM incorporates the toolmaker’s Secoloc insert clamping system. A combination of V-top clamping and serrated contact surfaces between the insert and toolholder “ensures the highest possible process security,” according to Seco.

MDT 2MM inserts are available in multiple geometries. The FT- geometry provides strong performance for grooving and parting off. FTR6 and FTL6 geometries were designed to reduce burring and center pip when parting off in more demanding applications. For profiling, the round MP- geometry is optimal.

To maximize applicability of MDT 2MM, inserts are available in CP500 and CP600 grades. CP500 offers high-speed capability and applies to general grades with high wear resistance, while CP600 provides additional toughness for more difficult applications, such as interrupted cuts.

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