ISCAR Targets Chamfering, Countersinking and Face Milling

June 9, 2011
New endmills said to improve chamfering performance by 35%
Sumomill four-flute tangential endmills are available in 12-mm diameters, in 30°, 45° and 60° geometries.

According to ISCAR, its new family of endmills extends the benefits of tangential Sumomill inserts to chamfering, countersinking and face milling . Treated with the proprietary Sumo Tec coating treatment, ISCAR’s Sumomill reportedly have outperformed comparable endmills by an average of 35% in many applications. The tangential orientation creates a fundamentally stronger cutting platform, according to the developer, which leads to longer edge life and elimination of fracture failures at higher cutting rates, even in unfavorable conditions.

Sumomill tangential endmills are four-flute designs with 12-mm diameters, and available in 30°, 45° and 60° geometries. In facemilling applications they can be run at very high table feeds due to their small diameter and high-flute density, ISCAR said.

It added that the proprietary Sumo Tec surface treatment produces a smooth, lubricious surface on the insert, with fewer thermal stresses and stress factors than would be found in an untreated plain PVD or CVD coating. This leads to cooler cutting (heat is a critical threat to machining insert performance, the developer indicated), less friction, and reduced risk of insert rupture. “On average, Sumo Tec coated tools have proven to literally double throughput and reliably extend insert life by 40% versus identical but untreated inserts,” according to ISCAR.

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