IMCO Introduces 5-Flute Tools Designed for Titanium and Stainless Steel

Feb. 17, 2011
New enDURO series said to extend tool life, increase removal rates
The enDURO end mills are designed with advanced geometries and specialized coatings for efficiency and precision at cutting hard-to-machine metals.

IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. is introducing a new line of five-flute end tools for cutting titanium and stainless steels, promising greater productivity thanks to longer tool life and more flexibility in operations. The enDURO line end mills are designed with advanced geometries and specialized coatings for maximum cutting efficiency and precision, to take on hard-to-machine metals including superalloys, titanium and stainless steel. The developer says the tools were designed to last longer, increase removal rates, and decrease cycle time. It also promises “exceptional finish in both high-power and lower-power machining centers. “

The enDURO end mill line includes a variety of end designs, shank designs, and lengths.

The developer said that tests of its enDURO M525s produced up to 570% longer tool life and a 40% decrease in cycle time. And, runs heat-treated 15-5 stainless and titanium resulted in no warping, no scrap, and extended tool life, even while running at higher feed rates and speeds.

"With exceptional cutting performance and dramatically improved tool life, the enDURO end mill technology is producing impressive results," stated Perry Osburn, IMCO Carbide Tool president and CEO. "These tools, coupled with high-efficiency machining techniques, can result in dramatic improvements for any shop."

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