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New Design Features for Steady-Rest Devices

Nov. 23, 2011
All models prevent chips from entering the housing
The LMC Workholding Atling AX series includes 11 standard-size steady rests with clamping ranges of 6-70 mm to 450-870 mm; special sizes are available, too.

The Atling AX series are self-centering steady-rest devices from LMC Workholding that bring several new design features that extend the lifetime of the unit and its parts. The cast iron housing and all moving parts are hardened, and all models are equipped with roller wiper seals that prevent chips from entering the housing.

LMC Workholding designs and manufactures chucks and standard and special workholding equipment, including International-style power chucks and cylinders, wheel chucks, high-volume machining power chucks, Neidlein face drivers and centers, Atling hydraulic steady rests, Richter manual steady rests, Stiefelmayer specialty clamping tools, Chandox brand chucks, and cylinders and T de G large chucks.

The AX series includes 11 standard sizes with clamping ranges of 6-70 mm to 450-870 mm; special sizes are available, too.

Other new design features include swing-away levers; automatic lubrication; a water-flush system to prevent chips from coming between the rollers and the workpiece; stroke control; check valve; and air barrier.

This AX series is available now with a built-in cylinder (replacing the previously side-mounted cylinder) or pneumatic cylinder. Other accessories including standard wiper, mounting bracket and cambered rollers are also offered.

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