Expanded Aluminum End Mill Series

March 22, 2010
Helical Solutions new designs reduce chatter and offset adjustments, for optimal tool performance.
Helical Solutions’ new H40ALV line includes a variable-pitch flute configuration and cutting-diameter tolerances (-0.0001 to -0.0004) that reduce chatter and tool-offset adjustments for optimal tool performance.

Helical Solutions is expanding its aluminum end-mill series significantly with the introduction of the H40ALV and H40ALV-RN. These new end mills are robust additions to the Helical lineup and include intricate geometry additions for what it calls an “ultimate” nonferrous machining solution.

This new H40ALV line includes a variable-pitch flute configuration and cutting-diameter tolerances that are among the tightest in the industry (-0.0001 to -0.0004). This precision delivers reduced chatter and fewer tool offset adjustments, and optimal tool performance.

Customers testing H40ALV prototypes report improved finishes and quieter operation.

“This new launch will be one of the most powerful tool offerings on the market, giving our customers a tool with all the options and the latest in tool design technologies at a very competitive price,” according Scott Tiehen, Helical’s national sales manager.

Previously offered as a premium customization, the line now includes a full corner radius option ranging from 0.015-0.250 as standard product. The corner radius allows users to accommodate finish part requirements, and improves part finish and superior corner protection. Additionally, tool-life expectancy for the H40ALV line should show a significant increase.

Helical’s H40ALV’s wiper flats burnish the part floor without creating too much tool pressure/friction.

Also contributing to improved finishes are the H40ALV’s wiper flats. Helical’s wiper design burnishes the part floor without creating too much tool pressure/friction.

Responding to customer requests for a more “opened-up end geometry” due to the industry trend toward ramping and plunging in aluminum, the new H40ALV line includes new end geometry. “We have re-designed the geometry in order to accommodate all three teeth cutting the center, allowing for maximum chip clearance and evacuation while plunging and ramping,” Tiehen says.

The updated line of end mills is crafted of certified premium sub-micron grain carbide and available in stub, regular and reduced-neck lengths. A zirconium-nitride coating that provides improved lubricity for maximum chip evacuation and resistance to abrasion for extended tool life is standard.

The H40ALV-RN is similar in design and function to the H40ALV. The difference is that this tool has a reduced neck diameter with a relatively short flute length, for longer reach into deep pockets while maintaining maximum tool rigidity, particularly useful for high-speed milling in pockets.

Both the H40ALV and the H40ALV-RN are available in shank diameters ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. Special configurations can be manufactured within 10 days.

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