The HARVI I TE ball nose end mill is available in two different lengths: regular (inch non-necked, metric with neck) and long.

Ball-Nose End Mill for Roughing and Finishing

Nov. 12, 2020
Four-flute, solid-carbide tools for high-productivity 3D milling introduces a proprietary relief, with a wavy contour that shapes the rippled relief to improve coolant flow into the cutting zone.

The KENNAMETAL HARVI I TE four-flute, ball-nose end mill is designed for high-productivity 3D roughing and finishing operations, lowering machining cost through maximum metal removal in a broad range of materials.

The end mill features an innovative proprietary relief that requires a closer look. In the most critical area—the ball-nose section—a wavy contour shapes the rippled relief which provides improved coolant flow into the cutting zone.

The rippled relief enables higher feeds and speeds as well as increased depth of cuts by advanced vibration damping and lower cutting forces. On the outer diameter, the relief changes its shape and turns into the eccentric faceted relief. The eccentric faceted relief provides exceptional edge strength, geometric accuracy, lower cutting forces, and makes this end mill series very versatile.

Other geometry advancements of the square end styles—including a twisted end face, chip gashing, and a variable helix angle—also have been engineered into this new, solid-carbide end mill.

The HARVI I TE ball nose end mill is available in two different lengths, both with a diameter range from 2 to 20 mm (1/16 to 1 in.). The regular length is the first choice for 3D copy milling operations, while the long version offers sufficient length-of-cut (up to 4sD) for many applications, including shoulder milling when wall and floor finishing is required. Learn more at

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