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Application specific conical ball nose end mills

Application specific conical ball nose end mills

conical ball nose end mills

Emuge Corp. has introduced a line of Conical Ball Nose End Mills for machining specific components in several key manufacturing segments including automotive, aerospace, energy and HVAC. The conical end mills have an accurate ball nose capable of completely machining impellers, blisks, turbine blades and tire profiles without a tool change during 3-axes and 5-axes operations.

“We now offer customers manufacturing these specific components milling tools that eliminate tool changes and increase productivity,” Stephen Jean, milling products manager at Emuge said. “For example, when machining an impeller, one conical ball nose end mill can rough and finish the individual blades as well as the flow surfaces at the impeller hub.” Also, Jean reported that when machining tire profiles, it is possible to finish the entire mold segment including the interlock bevel, the tire tread features and all of the radius detail with a single tool.

These tools are available in a wide range of sizes. Uncoated designs are for milling aluminum and specialty steels including nickelchrome steels and Inconel. End mills with a titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coating are designed to cut steel materials with a hardness of 45 Rc as well as cast and non-ferrous metals.

The end mills are available in two standard forms, one with shorter flute lengths for increased rigidity. In addition, special tools can be made to customer specifications.

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