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Aluminum Face Milling System

The KSCM AluMill face-milling system from Kennametal Inc. ( is designed to achieve high speeds and high-productivity results, especially in high-volume aluminum milling operations.

In particular, automotive applications such as engine blocks and cylinder heads can benefit from the KSCM AluMill system’s design and performance.

The cutters feature a steel and aluminum body construction that offers reduced weight, improved rigidity and vibration-dampening characteristics.

They are available in 2.5-in. to 12-in. (63-mm to 315-mm) diameters and can accommodate five different cartridge styles for rough and finish cutting in the same operation or for defined surface-finish requirements. With easy cartridge insertion and adjustment, maximum runout error is 3 microns. Reduced weight and the ability to be precision balanced also serve to extend tool life.

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