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Touch probe checking a bevel gear dimensions.

Gear Inspection Becomes a Smaller Deal

June 13, 2024
An updated system reduces the scope of inspection to “nano” levels of accuracy for all types of gears as large as 175 mm in diameter and shaft-type gears up to 480 mm long.

Gearmaking has always been a matter of precision – and of verifying the reliability and consistency of the precision cutting processes. As applications for gear products increase, so does the need to achieve and certify precision. According to GLEASON CORP., its 175GMS nano gear metrology system signals “a new era” for dimensional assessment, “where nano-level inspection is no longer the exception, but the rule.”

The new system will be demonstrated at IMTS 2024.

Building on the established 300GMS nano platform, Gleason has expanded its nano series with the introduction of the 175GMS – which like its predecessor is designed for the complete inspection of all types of gears as large as 175 mm in diameter and shaft-type gears up to 480 mm in length, maximum measurable tooth width of 340 mm, with a module range of 0.4 (optionally 0.15) to 6.35 mm. With this update, the measuring range of the 175GMS nano in the lower module range as well as in the capacity for shaft length and tooth width has been significantly extended.

The 175GMS nano delivers the nano capabilities first offered with the 300GMS nano. The integrated probe changer automatically deploys a skidless probe to check the surface quality of gear teeth in the profile and lead at sub-micrometer precision. The skidless probe is optionally available with automatic angle setting to adapt to different helix angles of gears.

The 175GMS nano gear metrology system is equipped with a high-precision SP25 3D scanning probe head, a wide range of styli, and an advanced mathematical analysis that supports roughness evaluations to DIN, ISO, ANSI and other standards. The latest GAMA™ software platform also performs gear noise analysis with the Advanced Waviness Analysis software tool. And it offers 3D measurement and GD&T analysis comparable to a CMM.

Like other Gleason GMS® series metrology systems, the 175GMS nano integrates with any user’s manufacturing ecosystem through Gleason's latest GAMA™ 3.2 software suite, and its user-friendly interface supports multiple languages. Fully compatible with Windows, it integrates into server environments, for enhanced SPC data evaluation and remote maintenance services via Gleason Connect®, among others.

Through Gleason's "closed loop" feature, users can take the connectivity of manufacturing and inspection to the next level. The 175GMS nano communicates inspection results directly to Gleason production machines, making possible automatic correction of machine settings, “from power skiving to threaded wheel gear grinding,” according to the developer.

Inspection results like topography measurements and order spectrum from Advanced Waviness Analysis software can be forwarded to KISSsoft® design software. In KISSsoft, differences between the original design and the actual produced gear can be identified, and variables such as the contact pattern in the final application under various load conditions can be evaluated. Noise behavior can then be predicted even before testing on a single flank tester or end of a line tester at final installation. This "Smart Loop" technology advantage is a step toward evaluating gear designs faster and more seamlessly.

The 175GMS nano is optionally equipped with the patented Advanced Operator Pendant (AOP) enabling operators to record video and voice messages and to monitor environmental conditions. It may also be used to support remote maintenance via video telephony and can read bar and QR code information directly into the machine, for further use in inspection protocols or to select the appropriate inspection cycle.

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