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One Instrument Checks Roundness, Form, and Surface Finish

April 5, 2012
Cost-effective, easy-to-use system measures to 0.3 nm
The Talyrond 500 Series sources rotary, vertical, and horizontal measuring data to duplicate a machine tool’s movement, to reproduce the workpiece shape accurately. A new metrology package is able to execute three essential measurements — roundness, form, and surface finish — on a single platform, according to the developer, who stated the Talyrond 500 Series combines its established standard for high-accuracy surface measurement instrumentation with expertise in ultra-precision machining.

Taylor Hobson indicated the Talyrond 500 is a cost-effective product capable of determining roundness, contour and surface measurements with high accuracy, in place of three separate instruments, resulting in savings in process time and investment cost. The Talyrond 500 Series is capable of measurement resolution of 0.3 nm.

The developer added that Talyrond 500 metrology instruments are versatile, too, using rotary, vertical, and horizontal measuring data to duplicate a machine tool’s movement to reproduce the workpiece shape accurately. Its “ultrahigh” precision simulation of a cutting tool path supports precision control of a manufacturing process.

The design includes a high-resolution gauge and low axis noise for linear or circumferential surface roughness measurement; frictionless air-bearing spindle and precision column for roundness, cylindricity and straightness measurements; and a patented calibration technique for the measurement of radius, angle, height, length and distance.

Notably, Taylor Hobson added that the instrument provides high-productivity and error-free performance regardless of operator skill. It performs calibration, center, and level functions along with measuring routines automatically. Simplified teach-and-learn programming techniques, comprehensive user prompts, and on-screen instructions are other features that combine to simplify operation of the device ease of operation.

Drawing a contrast with standard inspection systems that detect out-of-specification components, Taylor Hobson said the Talyrond 500 is able to help users address these production issues quickly. Deviations can be classified as irregularities that have both frequency and amplitude. Harmonic analysis can identify these imperfections, so users can isolate and correct the causes.

Noise and vibration issues typically occur on components produced on machines with alignment, balance, or chatter problems. As the level of manufacturing precision increases, it has become more difficult to minimize these sometimes-subtle machine tool effects. However, with frictionless air-bearing spindles and high-precision encoders, the Talyrond 500 is able to identify and isolate high-frequency harmonics. A roundness measurement followed by harmonic analysis identifies these types of problems quickly and provides information for their correction.

Taylor Hobson recommended the Talyrond 500 for various high-accuracy measuring applications, including precision bearings, fuel injectors, crankshafts, and turbocharger parts. Also, the series has a comprehensive range of standard accessories and numerous specialized accessories that accommodate demanding applications.