Multi-Sensor, Vision-Based CMM

April 26, 2012
Updated benchtop machine with CNC zoom optics for greater accuracy
The Optiv Classic 321 GL tp includes a high-resolution color CCD camera, a laser locator, and an eight-segment LED, dual-angle ring light to improve contrast, for edge detection. Hexagon Metrology’s Optiv ® Classic 321GL tp is a benchtop vision measuring machine with 6.5x motorized CNC zoom optics that contribute to levels of accuracy approaching 2 μ. The developer reports it will be assembling the devices domestically for distribution to the North American market.

Each unit is pre-configured to add a touch-probe for multi-sensor measurement. The Classic 321GL tp is reported to be especially effective for inspecting complex, densely populated features — like parts for medical and electronic devices, or other precision parts including micro-hole dies, sieves, filters, fiber optics and inkjet nozzles. It is the smallest model in Hexagon’s Optiv product line, complementing the Brown and Sharpe Global bridge CMM series.

Highlights of the vision technology include calibrated lighting; a high-resolution color CCD camera; a laser locator; and an eight-segment LED, dual-angle ring light to create better contrast for edge detection. The system also delivers software controls for RGB (red/green/blue) sensitivity, allowing for adjustment over contrast, improving overall consistency and precision for colored parts where edges can be difficult to capture with only grayscale or lighting modifications.

The Classic 321GL tp is programmed with PC-DMIS® Vision image-processing software, and full, online 3D CAD capabilities for live programming to compare measured values to nominals.

The software includes the MultiCapture feature, which finds all 2D characteristics in the field of view, regardless of their type, and measures them simultaneously. Then, MultiCapture moves the camera to the next cluster of features and measures them. This sequence continues until the inspection program is complete, and is automatically optimized by creating the most efficient path with the fewest number of stage movements. Inspection speeds increase by 50% or more, depending on feature size and density, which can significantly raise throughput.

“The Classic 321GL tp provides accuracy, multi-sensor capability, and maximum flexibility,” stated Hexagon Metrology product manager Dan Farnsworth. “The granite construction with mechanical bearings make it a particularly robust machine for use in a temperature-controlled environment. It’s well suited for quality assurance in a variety of industries. Its economical price point makes it ideal for entry-level multisensor metrology applications providing an excellent return on investment.”

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