Versatility and Power for Surface Roughness Testing

July 28, 2011
New Starrett device is fast, flexible, comprehensive
The Starrett SR200 will calculate 10 parameters, for comprehensive roughness testing capability.

The from The L.S. Starrett Co.’s new SR200 surface roughness tester can be used as a freestanding installation (on horizontal, vertical or even inverted surfaces) or bench-mounted with fixturing for batch measurement and laboratory applications. It is battery powered for portability, with an AC adapter available.

Calling its new instrument “powerful” and “full featured,” Starrett said the SR200 will calculate 10 parameters to cover a comprehensive range of roughness testing requirements. Its electronics provide fast analysis, with results calculated and displayed even before the traverse unit returns. This rapid processing, combined with intuitive menu buttons, ensures measurement cycle productivity.

The SR200 has a specially engineered stylus lift mechanism that allows a vertical adjustment of 2 in. / 50 mm, and rotation of the pickup to different measuring positions, including right angle or inverted measurements. These adjustments to the height and position of the gage allow areas and features of a part to be measured easily without additional complex fixturing, saving time. This feature saves set-up time and grants greater flexibility to the operator. Typical applications where the stylus lift is invaluable include measuring steps, bores, grooves, and lands.

The tester's large LCD displays a full menu and all measurement results. The user scrolls through the menus with the two control buttons, makes a selection, and then presses the “Measure” key. All selections are saved for future measurements with a built-in memory capacity that holds up to 100 readings. The SR200 includes an RS232 port, so all measurement criteria and results can be readily exported.

The SR200 includes TalyProfile Lite Windows software with analysis features and on-screen graphic profile images. The software allows graphs, profiles and results to be arranged and printed within TalyProfile or exported to presentation software. The software provides an easy upgrade path to the fuller-featured Silver and Gold versions suitable for more advanced shop floor inspection and lab analysis applications.

“Out of the box,” according to Starrett, the SR200 package is a complete package for a broad range of applications, eliminating the need for extra-cost options required with other products. A wide range of pickups and accessories also are available to match various measurement requirements.