Optical Measuring Interface Available for Delcam Inspection

May 5, 2011
Aicons portable CMM collects data quickly and easily, and now with enhanced analysis capability
The MI.Probe collects data even from inaccessible points. The interface with PowerInspect will expand the CMM system’s functionality by managing alignment and positioning; generating user-defined reports, including graphical presentations of the results and highlighted deviations; and increasing the variety of possible analyses.

AICON 3D Systems GmbH, a developer of optical camera-based 3D measurement systems, will deliver its MoveInspect HR portable coordinate measurement machine package with a direct interface to Delcam’s PowerInspect analysis software.

Delcam is one of the world's most widely adopted CAD/CAM programs used for design, manufacturing, and inspection, in used by over 30,000 organizations in more than 80 countries.

MoveInspect HR consists of high-resolution digital cameras and a hand-operated probe — the MI.Probe — that collects data by sampling defined measuring points. Even “hidden” points are measured quickly and with precision, with no mechanical arms that may limit access to some points on the object. “The only requirement is a line of sight between the probe and the camera system,” according to Aicon, so the system is adaptable to numerous inspection tasks, from small components to oversized structures like turbine blades.

“It’s absolutely necessary that the analysis of measuring data can be done in a fast and comfortable way,” according to Aicon 3D Systems managing director Dr.-Ing. Carl-Thomas Schneider.

AICON measurement devices are deployed in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and energy.

PowerInspect is a CAD-based inspection software that manufacturers use to inspect results of a design and compare finished products to CAD data, using manual or CNC CMMs, portable arms, optical measuring devices, and CNC machine tools. The direct connection of MoveInspect HR to PowerInspect means that a measurement plan can be created in the analysis software before data collection begins. This provides a detailed prescription of the measurement procedure that users may reference.

Once the data is collected PowerInspect can be used to run various analyses of the results. The software also manages alignment and positioning tasks, and it generates user-defined test reports, including graphical presentations of the results and highlighted deviations.

Schneider emphasized that current PowerInspect users will be able to engage the MoneInspect HR interface without updating their analysis software, saving acquisition and training costs.