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Company Prophesizes Production Improvements

Company Prophesizes Production Improvements

DuPont uses GE Fanuc Automation's Proficy Plant Applications software to improve plant operations.

DuPont is now efficiently managing its plant processes in a unified, easy-to-configure plant model that gives the company a clear insight into its operations thanks to a suite of productionmanagement products.

For all DuPont's businesses worldwide, the company uses Proficy Plant Applications software from GE Fanuc Automation, a unit of GE Industrial (

The Proficy Plant Applications software suite is made up of scaleable, configurable modules that help companies effectively manage their plant operations and deliver results. These modules include efficiency management, quality management, production management, and plant-wide reporting.

The efficiency management module gives users a comprehensive view of equipment uptime, downtime and waste, including, but not limited to, insight into overall equipment effectiveness. The quality management module offers insight into how products are actually produced against their specifications.

The management module improves and controls how products actually flow through plants by tracking production against specifications and schedules.

Plant wide reporting provides standard web-based reports and dashboards.

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