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CNC Complements Machine's Abilities

CNC Complements Machine's Abilities

DMG chose the Sinumerik 840D CNC for its new dual-spindle production machines

When designing its new Twin Series line of dualspindle production machines, DMG America ( wanted to incorporate a CNC that would help the machine to give users benefits before, during and after machining cycles. To accomplish this, DMG engineers wanted a control that would run seamlessly in conjunction with the machining center's complex hardware and software packages. They opted for the Sinumerik 840D powerline CNC from Siemens Machine Tool Business (

DMG's extensive software and tool presetter packages for the Twin Series feed data to the Siemens CNC for expanded efficiencies during set up and for predictive maintenance. The machining centers save time and programming costs from the initial stages by enabling users to visualize, on screen with DMG's Programmer 3D turning software, the entire machining process before a tool touches the first workpiece. They can also simulate all machine movements and tool positions, resulting in as much as a 50 percent reduction in setup time. In addition, compiled software data instantly transfers to the CNC, with minimal operator involvement and no programming time.

In process, the Siemens CNC uses its five-axis interpolation and threetool strategy to perform the complex operations in an error-free mode, says DMG engineers. Furthermore, processing speeds are not diminished by automation add-ons for the CNC. These add-ons can include automated workpiece pickup and disposal with a bar-loading magazine, automatic offloading to an integrated conveyor and a fully integrated part-handling system for loading and unloading chuck pieces.

Mark Page, senior applications engineer at DMG says the Siemens control lets him and his customers do what they need to do to integrate software. "It simply allows us more flexibility in programming before the operation, during the entire machining and part-handling sequence and after the job is done, in terms of validation, data transfer and predictive maintenance," he says.

The 840D powerline features a high-performance, industrial PC, 15-in. TFT screen, fast network connections for accessing all data in real time, even to a remote location or on-line service center, on-board diagnostics, error displays in plain text and an ergonomic graphical user interface. The CNC accommodates up to 31 axes and 10 channels.

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