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Surfware Partners With Local Middle School to Start Computer Manufacturing Program

Surfware, Inc. ( has installed 40 seats of its Surfcam-Velocity software at the Colina Middle School in Thousand Oaks, Calif., as a part of a manufacturing education program at the school.

The software was installed in the school's computer manufacturing laboratory, and Surfware said it will provide a three-year maintenance subscription program to the school to give it continuous software updates and technical support.

The school has a specialized manufacturing technology pilot program, in which Surfcam Velocity will be taught as part of the curriculum in an 8th grade advanced computer class. The Surfcam Velocity program is designed to enhance machining speeds, and it will be used in teaching students about computer-aided manufacturing and CNC milling.

The comprehensive education program includes all aspects of the design-through-manufacturing process, and will begin in Fall 2007.

"Curriculums such as this are essential to maintaining domestic manufacturing excellence," says Ron Dougherty, CEO of Surfware.

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