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Conical Ballnose Tool for 3d Engraving

Conical Ballnose Tool for 3d Engraving

Conical ballnose tool2L inc. ( has developed a line of dual functionality, conical ballnose engraving tools that are designed for standard engraving projects, 3D profiling and surface machining.

The company said these conical ballnose engraving tools can withstand higher cutting forces than standard ballnose endmills or tapered ballnose endmills, making them appropriate for engraving difficult to machine materials.

For example, a 0.010 in. radius conical ballnose engraving tool withstood plunging 0.010 in. deep at 55,000 RPM and 300 ipm in aluminum, and made 200 passes over the surface. A comparable, standard tapered ballnose endmills with a similar diameter broke almost immediately under the same conditions.

The company said the added strength is right for 3D profile work, and can be used to make numerous passes at small depths of cut and high speeds to yields product with fine surface finishes that are otherwise unobtainable.

Conical ballnose engraving tools are similar in style to standard conical engraving tools, but have a radius tip that produces a cut with a rounded bottom.

The tools are available in shank diameters of 1/8 in., 11/64 in., 3/16 in. and … in. with lengths varying from 2 in. to 6.5 in., tip radii of 0.005 in., 0.010 in. and 0.020 in. and included angles of 30 degrees and 60 degrees.

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