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Two Affordable Alternatives

Two Affordable Alternatives

The JobShop Cell (above) and the DS 1200-MTL (below) provide affordable automation.

Two recent innovations offer job shops affordable alternatives to manual machine tending and highpriced custom automation systems. The first is the DS 1200-MTL system from Distech Systems Inc., and the second is the JobShop Cell from Methods Machine Tools. Both systems provide the same productivity and labor-saving advantages as custom systems, yet with job shop flexibility.

The compact DS 1200-MTL, using robotic technology, loads and unloads parts and is compatible with most machining centers. It operates as a versatile workcell by providing the capability to perform secondary operations such as part washing, pack out and stacking.

The system accepts stacks of trays from carts, and when located near a machining center, its robotic arm feeds parts directly into spindles, fixtures or internal machine loaders. The robot also loads and unloads auxiliary equipment during machining processes.

JobShop Cells are fully integrated production cells that combine fast RoboDrill vertical machining centers with fully interfaced Fanuc 6-axis robots for automated loading and unloading. Easily configurable, JobShop Cells handle virtually any part that will fit in their 6-in. vises or chucks. The systems are preengineered to meet a job shop’s need for simple installation, fast setups, quick changeovers, operator safety and production flexibility.

At the heart of the cells, the automotive-duty-rated Fanuc RoboDrill VMCs offer 14-tool (or optional 21-tool) tool changers, torque to 56 ft-lb, rigid tapping to 5,000 rpm (8,000 rpm optional), X,Y and Z accelerations to 1.5 G, rapid traverses to 2,125 ipm, feedrates to 1,181 ipm (2,362 ipm optional), high-speed reverse tapping, thread milling, 1,000 registerable programs, and 54 work offsets. The high-speed Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robots come with grippers, teaching pendants and several programs that are easily customized to user needs.

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