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Toolroom Lathe Automation

Toolroom Lathe Automation


The Victory CNC quick-change gang tool is designed to fully automate any programmable tool room lathe in a simple and economical way.

Dorian Tool ( said its gang tool holds as many as 12 tools in a linear setup and eliminates the need to stop a machine to change tools after each operation. No wiring or interfacing is required.

The gang tool slides over the tool post dovetail like a regular quick-change toolholder, and a pull of the toolpost locking handle secures it in place. Antirotation pins prevent any radial movement of the toolpost under heavy drilling, boring, turning and threading operations.

Shops can adjust the center heights of all tools simultaneously with a height-adjustment screw, to minimize set up/ changeover time. After removing the Victory by simply sliding it off the toolpost dovetail, the toolpost remains on the machine immediately ready for shaft work or toolroom work.

The Victory quickchange gang tool comes supplied with a throughcoolant system and all necessary coolant fittings.

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