Stages take center stage

Stages take center stage

dual profile railH2W Technologies Inc.’s ( DR (dual profile rail) linear servo motor positioning stages deliver 1-micron resolution for travel lengths to 160 in. These wide footprint (to 15.6 in.) brushless linear motor stages handle loads of 442 lb and provide continuous force to 445 lb, high velocity to 200 ips and acceleration as quick as 9 G.

DR stages work well as X axes in stacked multistage X,Y,Z applications for vision inspection, pick-andplace, robotics, assembly, packaging, parts transfer, testing and cleanrooms.

Supplied with motors commutated as either sinusoidally or trapezoidally with Hall effect sensors, the positioning stages can include options such as matching servo amplifiers and controllers and high-resolution non-contact glass or metal scale optical encoders or magnetic linear encoders with reference marks for homing.

Series 1 linearSlipstream Series 1 linear stages from LM76 Inc. ( feature 0.2-mm/300-mm accuracy and 0.1-mm repeatability in a low-cost ready-to-run compact design. Available travel lengths run to 6 m, and the easy-to-install stages have T slots on three sides for installation or for accessories. Applications include robotics, pick-and-place, assembly, packaging, sampling, testing and other precision positioning uses.

A NEMA 23 stepper and a 100-W or 200-W servomotor with encoder are available motor options. Motors can mount on either right or left-hand sides, and a fail-safe brake can be added. Mounting configurations are X, Y, and Z axes and gantries.

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