Shop Branches Out With Pallet Changing

Shop Branches Out With Pallet Changing

A pallet changing system on a Mitsubishi laser system lets Matrix
A pallet changing system on a Mitsubishi laser system lets Matrix Metalcraft process larger components without multiple setups.

Matrix Metalcraft Inc. ( said its new automated laser center is the only one of its kind in North America.

The system is a high-performance VZ1 Mitsubishi ( laser with a pallet changer for maximizing process time and increasing capacity.

The VZ1 laser cutting machine brings new capabilities relating to speed, accuracy and flexibility for a wide range of complex laser applications. Cutting parameters measure 122 in. in the X axis, 87 in. in Y and 33 in. in the Z axis.

The integrated pallet changer allows Matrix to set up jobs while the machine is processing its current job. Additionally, pallet changes take only 60 sec, optimizing cut time and giving the shop more capacity to branch into new markets.

“Our goal is to remain cost effective for our customers while delivering the highest quality and quicker turnarounds. The Mitsubishi system helps us meet increasing customer demands and provides us the opportunity to expand our customer base into newer industries, particularly aerospace and defense,” Ryan Willette, sales director at Matrix, said.

“With the increased range of cutting parameters, we now are able to process larger components without having to perform multiple set ups,” he added

Matrix specializes in prototype and short-run production work, offering metal stamping, 3- and 5-axis laser cutting, machining, turning, and assembly capabilities.

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