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Save Your Factory

North American manufacturers now can turn to the Save Your Factory Initiative for cost-effective and profitable alternatives to moving manufacturing offshore. The collaborative industry initiative is a growing consortium of leading companies within the automation industry.

The initiative was formed to maximize North American manufacturing competitiveness and halt the continued erosion of manufacturing jobs to lowwage countries. Its website,, offers manufacturers access to numerous studies, position papers, articles, tips and resources to help increase manufacturing efficiency without the need to move facilities off-shore. The growing consortium for Save Your Factory, founded by Fanuc Robotics, includes many involved in industry, such as Automation Alley, American Machinist, the Society for Manufacturing Engineers, and Applied Manufacturing Technologies Inc. of Orion, Mich., a company that just joined the initiative.

Applied Manufacturing Technologies supplies factory automation design, engineering and process consulting services. “As North America’s largest independent automation engineering company, our job is to provide our customers with automation solutions that will increase their efficiencies and ROIs. And this initiative is one more step toward that end,” said Joe Campbell, chief operating officer at Applied Manufacturing Technologies.

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