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Round-the-clock production accessories

Alpha ST 320
The Alpha ST 320 barfeeder comprises just part of LNS America’s range of products geared toward lights-out manufacturing.

LNS America Inc. ( offers barfeeders, chip conveyors, coolant systems and other machine tool accessories that help shops benefit from lights-out manufacturing and other efficiencies.

The company’s ST 320 barfeeder handles round bar stock diameters from 0.120 in. to 0.780 in., and the ST 212 loads smaller size stock measuring from 0.078 in. to 0.47 in. in diameter. Both feeders are part of the Alpha Series and feature, as standard, special synchronization systems for use with high-speed sliding headstock machines or for running special materials.

For installations with limited floor space and machines requiring lower discharge heights, LNS America’s Microfine 3 chip conveyors move chip loads of mixed or dedicated materials and filter coolant to 50 microns. Typical applications include Swiss turning, multiaxis turning and both vertical and horizontal machining centers.

Oil mist collectors from LNS America work for machine tools and EDM applications. Five models, with capacities of 170 cfm to 1,250 cfm, filter water soluble or straight oil coolants to eliminate mist, vapors, smoke and odors. Although designed for wet applications, the units can be used in mixed (wet/dry) situations.

Medical automation

“If the shops serving the orthopedic industry don’t automate, they will not meet the future needs of the baby-boomer generation in terms of knee and hip replacements.”

—Ken Birdsong, president of Sandvik Medical Solutions speaking at the grand opening of DMG America’s technology center in Itasca, Ill.

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