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Rotary Parts Accumulator

Rotary Parts Accumulator

Rotary Parts

Royal Products ( is exhibiting parts accumulator designed to enables any bar-fed CNC lathe to run unattended for extended periods of time. The Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator indexes each time a finished part exits the machine, and is designed to safely collect and protect finished workpieces.

The company said benefits Rack include the ability to run a second or third shift with existing equipment and no additional employees, providing first-shift employees free time to handle more productive tasks, reducing risk of part damage and keeping parts in order for quality control purposes.

The Royal Rota-Rack consists of a heavy-duty welded steel turntable, solid-state PLC control, and optional integrated conveyor. All contact surfaces are covered with a high-lubricity ultra-high molecular weight plastic to optimize workpiece protection. A one-meter diameter turntable provides more than 850 sq. in. of usable surface area and has a payload capacity of 700 lbs.

The universal design of the Royal Rota-Rack enables it to be used with any CNC lathe that is equipped with a parts catcher. The unit can be mounted either to the left or right side of the machine tool, and it is heightadjustable from 11in. to 50 in.

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