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Robotic Arms Embrace Palletizing

Robotic Arms Embrace Palletizing

Two robots are better than one when it comes to palletizing.

Multiple robotic arms can help achieve palletizing rates significantly higher than those reached by conventional palletizing systems. In addition, multiple robot arm systems save floor space and lower cost of ownership. Robots in such systems use servo wrists to rotate packages, as opposed to case turning and row pushing, for faster and gentler product handling.

Companies such as FKI Logistex now offer truly customizable multiple-arm robotic systems for handling wide varieties of product and layout requirements. The company’s high-speed robotic cell enables four-way orientation of cases, which is ideal in industries trending toward smaller packages and full pallet displays. The system excels in any material handling application that requires high palletizing rates, and with full control of package label positioning, users can easily showcase the same graphics on all four sides of a pallet or orientate barcodes to streamline scanning operations.

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