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Piecing Together the Automation Puzzle

Piecing Together the Automation Puzzle

Motion testing two actuators simultaneously at Confero.

Many OEMs today do not have access to, nor can afford to maintain, the level of resources and technology required to custom design and build effective, complex automated systems to satisfy customer demands.

In many situations, explained David Beatson, president of Confero Solutions (, it is difficult for OEMs to design or even to locate all the necessary system and subsystem technologies, let alone pull them together into advanced, automated solutions.

Beatson’s company is a recently established start up that is aggressively developing advanced precision sensing and motion solutions to serve the increased demands of the growing integrated motion control marketplace.

The company designs and builds custom precision sensing and motion systems for OEMs in industries such as machine tools, semiconductor, electronics, life sciences and metrology.

Confero is comprised of technical solutions teams that include systems design and integration engineers as well as design, planning and development experts from a network of allied component manufacturers.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, Confero teams custom design, assemble, test, install and support systems using preexisting subsystems and emerging technologies, depending on customer application requirements.

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