Pick and place more throughout

Pick and place more throughout

Toellner Systems Inc. has announced what it terms an automation breakthrough in pick-and-place technology for running Op. 10 to Op. 20 between two CNC lathes. The company’s design enhances flawless transfer of Op. 10 machined parts from one servodriven part loading/unloading system to a second running Op. 20 in a fast, constant and smooth automated process.

After Op. 10 has finished machining, the part automatically transfers between the two cells via a Toellner conveyor system. The pickand- place gripper-arm assembly on cell two gathers the part, turns it around 180 degrees and places the part in the nest assembly, ready for Op. 20 machining, before moving on to Op. 30 using the same technology.

“As with all of our systems, we want our customers to have the quickest, smoothest, most automated solutions and options available to them, without sacrificing quality or performance,” noted Dennis Toellner, president of Toellner Systems (www.toellner.com).

Toellner touts
Toellner touts its pickand- place system as an automation technology breakthrough.

“This technology is just another step in our commitment for fast, cutting-edge, highquality fully automated systems. One of the main factors here, along with the 180-degree turnaround, is that this unit also allows for absolute minimal human intervention for freeing up the worker to attend to other important projects within the plant. As our machines can load/unload a part in under 6 sec, the increases in production and throughput are huge, plus the loaders can run unattended anywhere form 30 min to as much as 12 hr. We have customers who load the raw parts magazine and don’t return until 6 that evening.”

Toellner Systems specializes in automated systems that help companies dramatically increase throughput production while decreasing overhead. The company does so through automatic parts loaders, catchers and conveyors for CNC lathes, machining centers, grinders, shaft cut-off, multi-spindle chuckers and thread rolling.

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