Magnetic Grippers For Robots

Magnetic Grippers For Robots

Magnetic Grippers

Typically, magnetic clamping technology is mainly used in stationary workholding systems. That is until now with the introduction of the Magnos Mau magnetic gripper that adapts to fit onto any robot arm for handling ferromagnetic workpieces. The gripper, from Schunk Inc. (, ensures a secure hold at very limited space requirements at a low weight.

In operation, the Magnos gripper’s electropermanent magnets activate in seconds. Even in the event of a power outage, the grippers provide an absolutely secure hold because electricity is only needed to activate and deactivate the magnets.

The number of Magnos poles is variable. Pole size is 50 mm by 50 mm for a maximum degree of flexibility. The grippers are ideal for loading and unloading machines and for handling both smaller and larger workpieces. Holding force per pole, with an air gap of 0 mm, is 380 da/N, and the cycle time runs 20 sec.

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