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[IMTS Preview] LNS Connects via Ethernet Communications System

LNS unleashes the power of connectivity during this year’s International Machine Tool Show in Chicago. In addition to an array of LNS products, one working display highlights the company’s new Ethernet Communications System, and another demonstrates the connection between various LNS products and CNC machine tools.

The Ethernet Communications display includes 4 video screens that present live, in-the-moment demonstrations of the LNS system’s remote monitoring capabilities. This proprietary database and data transfer system allows a turning machine and an LNS barfeed to share real-time information. Among other functions, the system enables the barfeed and turning machine to analyze material usage. The turning machine can then search the production schedule, find another part that can be made from the remaining material, and change a part program on the fly. In this way users can reduce material waste and labor costs while making the production process more efficient.

Another display features a number of LNS products connected to a generic turning machine that demonstrates how barfeeders, work holding devices, chip conveyors, coolant management systems, oil mist collectors, and parts unloaders all work together to improve customer productivity.

Visit IMTS Booth # 9272
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