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[IMTS Preview] Linear-Position Sensors Available Up to 20 Meters

[IMTS Preview] Linear-Position Sensors Available Up to 20 Meters

Sensors Division

MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division offers an expanded series of its linear-position sensors product line, the result of doubling the available length for the flexible pipe version. The absolute, non-contact Temposonics Model RF position sensor facilitates installation in tight spaces with lengthy measuring ranges up to 20 meters. The sensors can operate in a curved position to detect curvilinear measurements at a minimum radius of 200 mm.

“The Model RF sensor can easily be installed or dismounted, even when the space around the machine is limited, such as when the installation is within an enclosed space,” according to technical marketing manager Matt Hankinson. “A flexible sensor that provides proven non-contact and trouble-free performance for very long stroke lengths as well as linear measurements on an arc increases the versatility in applications of the entire sensor line.”

The sensor is ideal for applications including stamping and forming presses (due to limited installation room under the press), dam gate cylinders (where replacement in the field is difficult), windmills (with a small installation envelope), and multiple-tool position sensing for continuous feed machines such as slitters, large routers and punch presses.

Even at long measuring distances, the high-performance electronics inside the sensor head provide accurate sensing results. With a 0.0025 mm repeatability, and a linearity deviation of

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